Link of Month - April - Le temps d'une nuit...

Author: sonhoe
Date: Apr 2, 2002
Views: 1991

Le temps d'une nuit...a subtle mâ„¢lange of sound, colour and scent in perfect harmony with nature. Gaia transposes an ancient ritual onto the modern world: the trance.

Historically, the term gaia refers to a Greek deity representing the earth, the universal mother figure. Gaia is a celebration, a communion with nature submerged in an ocean of positive energy and bliss, a return to basic values that transgress class, race, religion, age, sex, politics, prejudice and culture. Day-to-day concerns, the material world and the competition are elsewhere....

dance - friendship - love - liberty - sharing - fellowship - synergy - party ; are the foundation words of the "GAIA EVENTS".


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