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Author: sonhoe
Date: Feb 1, 2002
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Link of the Month - February- Serving The Global Trance Community

There are great community & informative sites around the net, that without their sacred work things would have looked much different.

they give us a daily global upto date information about our special ongrowing evolving community, from label news to party updates ,the flow of information just gets richer by the minute. We at Trancelucent Productions believe that there is only one part missing. That's the reason we deceided to put together a monthly ,all round,fully informed newsletter. We wish for this bounded community to flurish & grow spreading its sounds and ideas throughout the globe.We see ourselves first as part of this awsome Community.

We believe that an organized well written newsletter is just what's needed.The newsletter will include (at first,any helpfull suggestions will be reviewed.): Label news , releases , updates , Artist focus , label Focus , Online shops focus , Special Links ,

Viewers pic of the month , MP3 artist pic of the month , MP3 new Psyloads.

Trancelucent Productions

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