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Date: Jan 14, 2002
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Link of the Month - January- Take a Look to Joerg Fiedlers Artwork

Welcome to the Joerg Fiedlers artistssite:
"Tranceanimation is the result of fusion electronic dance music with animated computergrafics.
I begun around 1982 to animate graphics on an atari 540. at the same time I started to creat 3d-animations.the electronic music was the second big interest. I`ve played in some bands bass-guitar.
dark-wave, gothic rock and electronic body music was the style.
later on, I begun to creat my own music with a synthy and music sampler.
clock dva was a great english band, which made a great video - kinetic engineering -.this was a great inspiration for me to form visual music. after the period of electronic body music, the firsttechno-projects are formed. studio k7 in berlin made some music videos, 3lux and x-mix.another inspiration to form my own projekt." Joerg Fiedler.
Find a collection of Psychedelic 3D-art, electronic 3D-artworks, nice portofolio, mpeg videoclips and mp3s. Click and enjoy!
Tranceanimation by Joerg Fiedler

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