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Date: Nov 4, 2001
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(online DJ set available)

Listen to: live morning set @Freak*a*Delic - October 2002 (real audio)

Since early days in his life Bruno Camargo aka Carbon 23 has always been connected with underground music scenes. Born and bred in São Paulo city, Brazil, was sensitive to the typical urban chaotic vibrations which have always moved him towards to different kinds of art expressions rather than following the beaten track.

In the early 80’s at the age of 11, still at school, Brazil under militar dictatorship, he would sneak from home to any sort of place around São Paulo city where some kind of bouncing and loud music was playing. By that time São Paulo had a strong punk-rock scene going on and also sorts of bit-blips were appearing from industrial music and EBM. In 1988 he started spining Acid House, connected with the electronic culture that was finally emanating from Europe in Brazil’s direction, and up until 1992 played in numerous parties organized by himself and an group of friends in addition to underground clubs in Sao Paulo.

The need of a deeper music knowledge inspired him to leave the turntables for a while and dedicate himself to “serious” music studies (jazz guitar), whereupon he developed his taste for the experimental 60's psychedelic sound, different forms of counterculture, as well as eastern influences and beatnik poetry. Found out ways to bang one’s mind without necessarily hurting their ears. By that time roots psychedelic music in São Paulo have gathered an impressive amount of people which have formed a healthy and still operating scene.

Meanwhile, the development of the electronic scene in Brazil started to call his attention again. Outdoor Trance parties (at that moment in mid-90’s starting to appear in Brazil) really blew his mind, and after living in London for a while and the intensive listening to the new music from the other sides made him decide to aim his music efforts at DJing again. That was 1999, and a lot have been improved and done so far within the Brazilian scene, and recently the dedication on development of production skills at his studio based in São Paulo is taking most of his free time – “Simon says”: time to create music again.

The natural Brazilian mixture of different cultures which he was always exposed to, associated to influences from around the world, some sort of music knowledge and the experiences as a musician, party-freak and events promoter on different music scenes interferes directly in his way of playing and producing music. Also frequently he is required to chill out and lounge areas (not only in trance parties though) – and that’s time to please pranksters with smooth-hip-shaking beats while playing deep house, roots space-electro-juices experiences, funky-chunky grooves with sometimes adding complimentary jiving original beatnik poetry within.

Carbon 23 sees Psy Trance as a basic, mind-shifting beat, and to create a powerful, groovy-swirling psychedelic environment are his aims whenever at the decks a combination successfully tested in major parties and festivals Brazilwide where he has played along the past years.

Currently he is an offical representative of in Brazil (Chaishop Brasil) and a resident DJ at Freak*a*Delic, one of the most sucessfull weekly trance parties in São Paulo.

Some of the past events attended:

· Solaris Dance Festival – 1-4 March – Amparo, SP
· Chaishop Brasil Summer Party – 22 Feb – near Sao Paulo
· Sunvibe Festival – 31 Jan – Milho Verde, MG – Brasil
· 21 September 2002 – Freak*a*Delic and Orion (Open Air – chill out set)
· 12 September 2002 – Klatu Barada Nikto (CLUB)
· 7 september 2002 – Festival da Independência – Tranceformation (TIP World & Chaishop Tour)
· 26 july 2002 – Freak*a*Delic (Club) - Brasil
· 30 May 2002 - Psychedelic Circus Festival (open air) – Brasil
· 11 May 2002 - Psique (open air) - Campinas – Brasil
· 19 April 2002 - Radio Show "The Wonders from the Alien Worlds" - The Womb Radio (special set with live audio and video broadcasting)
· 18 April 2002 - Nikki Beach - Miami Beach - USA
· 13 April 2002 - Electro Fusion@Lumonics - Ft . Lauderdale - USA
· Sunset Records Label Party (open air) - P.O.T.S. - March 16th, 2002 - São
Paulo, Brazil
· Freak*a*Delic (club) - March 1st, 2002 - São Paulo, Brazil
· Chaishop Open Air - Brazil Tour (Feb 23rd 2002) - São Paulo - Brazil
· Tranceformation (open air)(Feb. 8th - 13th 2002) - Carnaval festival
(Goiás - Brazil)
· Universo Paralello – New Year’s Eve Festival (open air) (Dec. 28th 2001 - Jan.
02nd 2002) - Alto Paraiso – Brazil
· Freak*a*Delic Open Air (Chill Out set) - ( Nov 8th, 2001) - Sao Paulo –
· Earthdance Brasil 2001 (open air)- (Oct. 12th - 15th) - Serra do Cipo -
Minas Gerais – Brazil
· Festival da Independencia (open air) (Sept 6th -9th 2001 ) - Corumbá -
Goiás – Brazil
· Freak*a*delic (Club) - August 2001 - São Paulo – Brazil
· The Womb Underground Radio (radio shows in Miami Beach - USA) - July 2001
· Nikki Beach (club/open air) (Miami Beach - USA) - June 2001
· Psionic @ Lumonics (Ft Lauderdale, Florida - USA - May and June, 2001)
· Winter Music Conference 2001 (club) (Miami - USA) - March 2001
· Klatu Barada Nikto (Club) - Feb 2001


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