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James Reipas - This Is Not In Fashion
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Various - Electric Byron Bay
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Nam Shub of Enki - Fuck Piece
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December 11, 2001

I would like to apologise to all party crews for sending me party information that I didn't uploaded. The chaishop upload section was restricted zone due to the redesign of Chaishop. Hope you like the facelift. Futhermore I would like to inform our visiters that some links maybe broke at this present time but will get fixed soon. Thats all smiles :)

November 24, 2001

Another review this time, Nam Shub of Enki "Fuck Piece" moves into old school industrial break trance waters and sounds like a good buy. On the news side the first compilation by Devic Craft Recordings is about to get released in January 2002. The well known Greek dance maganize Freeze has done some great progress regarding psychedelia. On the forthcomming issues expect to see interviews by Juno Reactor, Gab Le Mar, AOA (for those in the know this is an unbeatable interview) and Tsuyoshi plus some mixed CDs by Greg Staikos and James Monro.

November 14, 2001

After one year the news pages have been updated a bit...

October 31, 2001

Cyberfunk one of the biggest trance party organisers around are moving from +Soda club into thein own new place somewhere in the Athens center named C.T.Plus. The events date will change too from Sunday to Saturday. More over we have a new ablum of the month by James Reipas a kind offering from well respected experimental label Demon Tea.

October 22, 2001

Looks like the greek trance scene envolves even more, just after the foundation of the latest record label (Candyflip Records) another new one emerges from the fields of inspiration. Devic Craft Recordings is a new label founded by three guys that are willing to invest their money to alternative music, avoiding the obvious and releasing the unexpected. The FIRST fully experimental pyschedelic label is born give it your support please...

Sempteber 27, 2001

The greek trance scene has won another label recently. Thessaloniki based Candyflip Records is the new addition to the ever evolving greek trance scene. Leading greek act Wizzy Noise are about to release their second album through Candiflip records by the end of November. Top experimental label Demon Tea has released two new long players. James Reipas "This is not in fashion" and Nam Shub of Enki "Fuck Piece" should be availiable through your local independent store by time you read these lines.

Sempteber 12, 2001

Sola Luna was a great event from what I have heard and the greek trance community certainly deserves another one next year. For the ones (like me) that weren't there check these pictures to please your pain away.

August 30, 2001

Only one day left for the Sola Luna festival and people are buzzing about it. I would love to be there and celebrate the birth of the FIRST serious greek festival around but that is beyond my powers. I wish everyone a nice staying.

August 15, 2001

Hello people looks like summer is on its way out but the good thing is that we are approaching the dates for Solaluna2001 festival so... Anyway we have a DJ profile for DJ Halo akA Jere, owner of Surreal Audio Recordings. Stay tuned!

August 8, 2001

Well its summer you know people tend to get lazy and everything. Anyway what I am trying to tell is sorry for the inactivity... Things are happening in Ios island this year with all the major parties moving in there and a host of famous DJs/Acts making the odd appearance. Anyway enjoy the new Surreal Audio compilation "OPEN" CD review that's all for now. Happy Chillin'...

July 3, 2001

Koxbox played live and that is all... Read the review visit the site.. See soon... Buy... Sell... Watch... Consume... Need a doctor... Soon... Byeeeeee !!!

June 23, 2001

Hello again... This is a minor update with some technical things being fixed. The Java buttons should work fine now. Furthermore on the party side (because people have being asking all the time about it) check the web site of the SoLaLuna Festival that is going to take place on Samothraki island. Big names are scheduled to appear so buy your tickets while you can since the capacity is limited to 3000 people!

June 13, 2001

Things are hotting up! I am sure you all have heard the rumours about a psychedelic festival in Greece in the end of August. Well it ain't rumours any more because the whole thing seems to be a serious effort into bringing Greece again in the trance map. A site is registered (although not working) and people are really excited about it. On a more in-house tip now we have found a new album of the month... but it is almost one year old (confused yet). Not to worry though because "Coincidentalism" sounds as fresh as it has been released yesterday, check the review and buy your self a copy. Ahhh and do not forget to check the interview with Odd Harmonic. Thaz all keep it fresh...

May 28, 2001

Whaz up how are you people hope you are doing fine. Well apart from the updated party schedule we also have a review of Edgecore Records new compilation "Electric Byron Bay" and new Demon Tea "Not My Cup Of Tea" compilation review.

May 2, 2001

Well sorry for taking so much time to update Chaishop and not keeping up with the latest releases and party dates. The reason is that not only I have damaged my leg pretty badly (so I can not move at all) I also experienced a hard drive crash. The result of all this is almost one month of inactivity. But we have some good things for you, a review of the soon to be released DemonTea "Not My Cup Of Tea" compilation and a label profile for Japanese record label Equinox. Enjoy and... watch your legs ;-)

PS:Sorry for the spelling mistakes in the Twisted review most of them have been ironed out now.

April 10, 2001

Hello again people. Whaz up !?! Hope u doing fine. Dis time we have a party review from the Cyberfunk event with the Twisted Crew (ED, Simon H and Simon Posford aka Hallucinogen) check the review and ED interview and expect an interview with Simon Posford soon. That's all take care... Ciao!!!

April 3, 2001

Alright yo !!! We are heading straight into Easter vacations and this weekend we have some pretty hot parties. First is the ZMA Records launch party, probably the best Greek psychedelic techno label is setting up a night with some of its big acts like Wizzy Noise and inhouse DJs Herc and Tolis Q, it would be nice if they could bring Kopfuss Resonator too (I am just suggesting here but if they could ever pool it and bring Kopfuss it would be one hell of a party). Second is the Twisted night event organized by the CyberFunk team a very nice event that promises a lot, do not forget to attend early since at that time the DJ will be spinning some phat beatz and groovy breaks... Happy Clubbing !!!

March 14, 2001

Hi people still rocking it I hope... Anyway this time we have for you a party review from the massive appearance of Frank' E from Koxbox in a Cyberfunk event, combined with an in depth interview with the man itself, follow the link and enjoy or regret for not being there. That's all for now keep it fresh.

February 26, 2001

Hello people how r ya ? Hope u r fine and rocking it... In our regular uodate for February we have for you a party review from the Cyberfunk event with James Monro & Joti Sidhu, we managed to talk some things with them too, so it should be a good read. Further more we have some news... and thats about it, expect for the new feature we introduce this month named news-ticker (yes we are talking about the two tables informing you about forcomming events and hot releases).

* please those of you that access the a.o.t.m,news and top10 buttons and their browser does nothing. we suggest you to right click on the image-button you want and press open link.

February 6, 2001

The results from the chaishop poll are ready, follow the link and read them. Also with my little sister's help Mr. Alexis Gateley has won a CD of his choice. Thank you all for participating. Finally the post function works properly now.

February 5, 2001

Some cosmetic changes this time. We have some new gfx and some java buttons plus a post message interface (questionare request) where you can place any info you have about a party. We did this way (rather than auto-update online mesage board) in order to check the authentity of the messages. Last the top 10s have been updated a bit... C' Ya !!!

February 3, 2001

Well thats all folks no more voting... In a couple of dayz I will write an article regarding the feedback I got from ya! The lucky winner that gets to win a CD of his choice will be anounced in short time. On a more news style Mike Verros is collaborating with ex-half ZMA Johnny Sin in a new party team named Firedance and their debute is on 25 (Saturday) of February with Vibrasphere Live p.a. plus Mike Verros and Johhny Sin DJ sets. Expect some more from them as confirmed acts like Son Kite, Noma, Dimo etc. are pipelined... sounds good 2 me, for the more uplifting spirits out there Mike Verros has a Sunday session of Israeli trance in club Yumatic those in favour, go check. Peace and DO check the fish Joe!

January 7, 2001

Happy new year people and I hope every single (hope to pair soon) person out of you will find its way through this world. Although by me one thing is really get missed by time it passes and this is life itself. So do not waste you life, do what you feel, dance like you feel. In order to celebrate 2001 we suggest to see Stanley's (sadly no more) Space Odyssey 2001 and then listen to the Shaolin Wooden Men new album "Supermindway" after you read my review on album of the month. Peace and fill... C' Ya!!!

December 30, 2000

Merry Christmas and happy new year people. Hope you are doing fine as it seems Jesus makes better deals than Santa since in little Jesus birtday we had Mike Maguire and Mark Allen but in Santa's party there will be Colin Faver and Atmos in a live P.A. Anyway parties in new years eve in Greece are always special so may I see you all in the Cyberfunk party in Rodon. Futhermore do not forget to support the more experimental parties and attend the Weird Alchemy Vs Squaremeat party on Monday. If you have enough spare time take a look in our review on the new PeLinPaLa album it will certainly make you feel... twisted. Ohhh and fill the questionare free CDs are waiting for the special winner. The poll will end in exactly one month from new years eve.

December 8, 2000

Vote!!!, Vote!!! and of course vote!!! Follow the link to our questionare and win free CDs . The form is working fine now and I am waiting for your feedback, only this way YOU can have the Chaishop behave the way you always wanted to.

November 25, 2000

We are back online after some technical problems that the Chaishop server suffered from and what a come back that is. We have for you a new album of the month which is "Shango" by legendary group and psychedelic trance grand fathers Juno Reactor. Also there is a party review with Mike Maguire and your updated top10 and news plus a special CD review in the near future... Last but not least please fill in the Chaishop Questionare (click in banner) or follow this link. We want to get better, improve and fill your needs but first we DO need to know them.

October 29, 2000

Hello people I hope you are fine, seems to me that Mr. Winter is here already, making his presence more than perceptible but fear no man coz we have some kool thangs on the roll (sorry my accent yo! but I am listening some Rawkus cutz right now). Anyway back to trance reallity, some good parties we had like Mark Allen's appearance last week and the Greek Trance Posse grows strong as ZMA's "World Techno Alliance" compilation gets good reviews everywhere. On the bill today we have some top-10s, newz and... well thats all appart from the fact that Ollie's new Shaolin Wooden Men album is out NOW (be quick or be skint)...Peac E Yo!

September 28, 2000

First of all sorry for taking so much time to upload new stuff but as you may already know the Chaishop server had some hard times during this month. Anyway things are better now and there are lots of stories to keep you busy. First is the double combo of Brain Deflections interview and "Horizontal-Y" CD review. Next is the updated top tens from various DJs and a Gus Till party review that took place in Volos. Finally last but not least we will soon have a CD review of the Legion of Space debut album (Gregory Staikos project). Party-wise CyberFunk are having a party in Sunday with Gus Till (u know the not so talented brother of Andrew Till, Andrew happens to be Psy-Harmonics owner along with Ollie Olsen, too bad everybody brings Gus and not Andrew from the Till family). Thats all keep it fresh...

September 4, 2000

Hello people... Since the rhythm of the city got back to normal I am happy to anounce that the master of trancefunk Slide (Pete Martin to his friends) will be here next Saturday (09/09/2k) in a Cyber Funk event hosted in +Soda as usual. Furthermore you can check the review of their previous night with Atmos and James Monro and some news on future trance releases and not only. Thats all for now, happy trancin' !!!

August 30, 2000

Summer moved on for good and people are back in track. Summer is certainly cool but a bit short anyway... as expected this update is nothing more than a we are back announcement. In a couple of days expect some news, updated top10s, CD reviews and party info. Infact for this Saturday (02/09/2k) Cyber Funk are hosting a party with a very good line up, Atmos and James Monro will be there to please your earz... catch you later oscillator !!!

August 7, 2000

This will probably be the last update during August as I am finally going on vacations so I tried to make this update a bit interesting. Lots of goodies then including a label profile (click link for label profile) for the amazing Demon Tea (click link for Demon Tea Web Site) record label, updated news and top tens and finally our big suprise for this summer is that their is going to take place here in Greece a mini electronic festival in early September and Orbital will be there, nothing to do with trance but Orbital are well worth watching them live. This is for those that will not attend the Boom Festival just to make them feel a bit better. C'ya soon...

July 23, 2000

This Saturday was a really good one as I went to the ManMadeMan party (click link for details and ManMadeMan interview) which was organised by new formed Cyber Funk team. I had a great time and I heard a news story that the funs of the new Flying-Rhino sound should take in mind. Well famous label manager Cass has left Flying-Rhino and is about to set up his own label with more commercial sounds, so Cass followers be prepared. New label manager is Angie. Moving to more Greece related news Z.M.A records have their new site up and running, visit the link and check their hot release schedule. Finally Cyber Funk have some great parties in the pipeline, first is in 26th of August with trance legend Goa Gill and second is in 2th of September with Atmos and James Monro. Thats for now take care...

July 18, 2000

First I apologise for not uploading the Genetic Review but I had a hardrive crash these days and things got a bit ruff. Anyway the review is up and ready for you to check with a link to the official Genetic Site. On a party tip this Saturday (22/07/2000) ManMadeMan will be here for a live P.A promoting their new album "Love Technology" and I expect to see lots of good people there. Thats for now see ya soon...

July 6, 2000

Long time no see as they say but this update will make up for it. I have uploaded some news, updated the Top 10s and generally gathered information about things that are about to happen. Also there is a new album of the month, Mr Paul Jackson aka Genetic and his marvelous "Motion Picture". On the party tip on Saturday (15/07/2000) CyberFunk (ex Sunrise Zone) will have as a guest DJ Mark Allen promoting his new mix CD for RTTS named "Electric Safari". Further more rumours say that Goa Gill will be here during July on Paros Island but there are not officially confirmed yet. Thats all for now, enjoy the summer that is really on its peak right now and... happy cooling! 

May 30, 2000

Three days after a good event somewhere in Volos I am in a good mood to present you some news and some more...news. Well prepare for some trance events in June like Wizzy Noise live and a DJ set from Tsuyoshi Suzuki. Also check some updated top tens and news. That's for now enjoy the sun and some major beach parties are on the way.

May 10, 2000

Long time no update since the whole police crackdown in several parties around Greece. For the first time in my life I won't step up and say it his falult or her fault or somebody's fault. I believe we all have our share of blame in this story. What is bad though is the fact that people are afraid now, really afraid to set up a party and no party means no scene....Chaishop will remain as is, informing you about the global trance community and world wide releases and artists until the party thing ressuracts...Goobye and thanx for the fish!!!

April 1, 2000

Nothing extraordinary this time as things are rather quiet apart from the fact that something special will probably see the light of day at the end of April, I can't say anything more yet but I will come with more details as soon as things get finalised. Enjoy yourself with some good news in "News in Brief" and an updated "Top 10" layout. 

March 17, 2000 

The carvival days are long gone and there rises the new dawn of the Greek trance scene with major releases from the Z.M.A.R camp and various Greek artists recording stuff for major labels. This year party-wise Patra was good with a major event and a more underground party, people said it was good but I didn't check it myself. Sound-wise check the new album from Lotus Omega(I have checked one track and it was very good expect review soon), the new Z.M.A.R compilation(there are Psychopod/Saikopod in there) or for something more experimental and relaxed check Gabriel Le Mar's new album on Spirit Zone "Gab's Gift". Discobole also has a lot of new imports from NovaTekk's three trance labels Velvet Inc, Naja and Mash. Last but not at all least Tsuyoshi Suzuki is promised by the Sunrise crew to visit our little country, lets see if they can pull it off. Peace... 

January 28, 2000

The millennium fever has by far gone away as we are approaching a new era. A new age where we seek for world peace and happiness though technology automation, lets hope that this task will be easy for the human race to achieve. On a more trance tip as you know Asia 2001 failed to deliver the goods reminding us that the good psychedelic days of 94-96 will never come back. Things are not that bad though as old dudes Amorphia have rejoined and are setting up parties in Playroom, the sound is European but some Australian stuff manage to sneak in(I am a happy bunny now) so the feel and the vibe are more mature than -the teens hands in the air Reload feel- which means at least there is a party with more underground beats to go to. Sunrise on the other hand are moving on a more euro-trance direction if the invitation of Marc Sinclair is anything to go by. Soundwise Kox Box have released their new album "The great unknown" which is album of the month ofcourse and I suggest you but it. Some reviews from parties around Greece are available too such as James Monroe and GMS parties in Thessaloniki plus Amorphia come back party in Playroom with Matteo from Lupus in Nebula. Also the news in brief link is updated and Top tens for January are there for track checking. Finally the Z.M.A.R report is back on track since during the holidays we met and talked about the whole thing and agreed that it was a big  misunderstanding, check the review on their new already released compilation. That's all for now happy new year...!!!

December 30, 1999

Merry Christmas and the like to all trancers out there, in this update you will find some party reviews and some info about the only big party that takes place in Athens in new years eve regarding the none cheesy side of trance. Well Sunrise Zone in a suprise move are bringing Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Kox Box live...well I wish they would but instead we have to compromise with Asia 2001 and Whizzy Noisy(I don't think I wrote this right). Asia 2001 is a well known Koyote artist and Whizy are a new trance act from the collaboration of Uriel and Micky. Support the scene by attending or demand more big names by not being there, U should worry about getting squared though. Happy new year from the Chaishop crew and may we see more good parties in the near future. 

December 17, 1999

Suddenly "The Egg" one of my favourite tracks ever becomes a hit in the Greek tranceland three years after its first official release, even big name DJ Johny Sin has put it into his top ten, but why three years later...I guess he was busy playing Astral Projection back then. On a more positive vibe 2000 is only a few days away and a lot of celebration parties are lined up, we will have more details in latter updates. Right now enjoy the updated news, top tens(not complete yet) for December and the Cyan album review which I decided to do it myself. Finally I also decided to drop the Z.M.A.R article due to the fact that I get no response from them which is pretty unprofessional for a new formed company.

December 1, 1999

Some problems with the image map will get fixed soon.

November 30, 1999

I hope you like the new image map where you can find three links..."a.o.t.m" is a link to the best trance album in my opinion every month, "news" refairs to new vinyl and CD releases plus some global news and finally the "top 10" link concerns DJ top tens. Thats all for now but expect some stories regarding the Kox Box party in Thessaloniki, the Z.M.A.R camp and the final review of the new Cyan album.

November 18, 1999

Well here we are and we have some good news, there is a party in Friday(19/11) which is organised by the Wandala team. Yumade,Paps,Dj Pea, and Dj Stefan are all guests for your audio pleasure as well as Djs from Z.M.A.R. Party will take place at LOBBY. On the other hand I am listening to the new Cyan CD at the momment and an indepth review will get uploaded in about a week, as far as the Cyan thing concerns, I haven't changed my opinion about Israeli trance, it is just that I don't want people to believe that I am single-sighted, I believe in democrasy and everyone is welcomed on the Chaishop. Also there is a Sunrise zone party at Amnesia with guest Dj Jodi Sidhu(Atomic records) on Saturday(20/11/99).

November 8, 1999

Since I am accused of being too unfair as far as uplifting trance regards, I will have in a few days an interview with the number one uplifitng trance producer in Athens Mike-Dee. Infact Michael will talk about Cyans new album, which is distirbuted by Sony(nice deal guys) and it is availiable right now in the shops. In the press release there is a certain section that refairs to the fact that Cyan will participate in the OST of "Female Company" from the well-known greek director Nick Perrakis, this is good news by me. An indepth review of the new "Brain Dance" album will match the whole effort and some stickers-banners with the artwork are to be send to funs by simply sending an email with "Cyan" as subject. Also in the pipeline we have an interview with the team behind Z.M.A.R and a review of the new Lotus Omega album plus some other goodies.

October 15, 1999

NewsFLASH!!! a new trance label is born and named Zillion Mental Anarchie Records, bare in mind that it is a Greek record label...Infact it is the first psychedelic record label in Greece...first release is from Lotus Omega...On a more party vibe we have a party in Thessaloniki on Saturday(16/10/99). The party is helded by FREAK-UENCY and will take place at Ydrogios Club DJs include Herc and Johny from ZMAR plus Mr. Babouras. Special guest DJ is Planet Ben of the Organic Noise fame.

October 8, 1999

Today is a Wandala party in the summer +SODA club(Ghetto club is more familiar to others) with special guest DJ Jonus(I am not sure about the spelling here) from Sweden, Jonus is recording stuff for Spital Traxx under the name Logic Bomb and for Koyote under the name Hux Flux...Residents are Johnny Sin and DJ Herc.

October 6, 1999

I have some good news for all the Greek Trancers out there as I managed to "steel" some news from the biggest party organisers, lots of good parties will take place in the near future plus some special outdoor events. More of this in latter updates, what we have today is an article about trance in general and how "The Elite" reacts to it. I hope you like it although I do get carried away too much sometimes. Last but not least is an idea I have on starting a regular tutorial on how to make proper trance music including gear listing, FAQs, software, techniques etc. I want your comments on this so drop me an e-mail. 

September 20, 1999 

Yes it is me back from the deads, well... sort of, sorry for all this time for no updates but I had some pretty BIG problems to settle. One thing that is availiable right now is a news link, more stuff will be added in a few days.

May 12, 1999

We have a party review which has been organised by the S.T.E.P team with Xenomorph live. Dj's line up included Adonis and Ilias who both rocked the trancefloor. 

April 30, 1999

A new link has been installed regarding DJ's top tunes click for March/April top ten tracks. Every one or two months the top tens will get updated. Also we have the latest Sunrise Zone party review(Guest DJ Sid Shanti, 24 April 1999) and a news in brief page where news from around the world are stored in a hit and get layout. 

April 20, 1999

Interview with Dj Gregory Staikos from NRG FM 105.5 radio station and Sunrise Zone is placed. 

March 19, 1999

The article regarding the state of trance in Greece is here click below to check it. 
Click Here! 

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