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Date: Nov 15, 2001
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What's new Germany


Sep 27 - Chaishop Tour Tübingen / Chaishop Mexico News

Last weekend we had a wonderful Chaishop Tour party in Tübingen, Southern Germany. Everything was somehow perfect. Thanks again to the organisers and all the guests! Check photos!

In the mexican area of Chaishop you’ll find some more photos of Voov Experience.



Sep 21 - Chaishop in Hamburg

Finally on Wednesday the Chaishop Headquarters moved to Hamburg!



Sep 14 - Sola Luna Festival / New DJs & Acts

Compassion with the victims and their friends and relatives of the USA terror attacks!
Despite to the responsibles.

I desperately hope this will not lead us into a new type of war – a longterm worldwide guerilla war. And I hope our long achieved freedom will not be cut senselessly now.


I’m back from Greece. Sola Luna Festival was an amazing success. A smashing party at the best location I’ve ever seen: The dancefloor at the see, mountains in the back, a pleasantly temperated forest as the camping area. The vibe was absolutely great, the sound systems good, the island a dream. There were some minor problems like the always quite empty chill out but for a first time project in this size this can be forgiven to the organisers. Check the pictures!

More new articles:
DJ Profiles: Cosmic Tantra, Ralle (updated)
Acts: Gabriel Le Mar (updated)



aug 24 - Natraj Summer Dance

Last weekend I was playing on Natraj Summer Dance in Austria. The party was killer with an amazing deco tent town build by Steve, a wonderful location in the alps, good wheather, good sound and nice people. Back home I brought nice photos!



aug 10 - Voov Experience photos

Last weekend’s Voov Experience 10 was an amazing international event with great location and setup, superb sound and wonderful people. Since pictures tell more than words you should check out our Voov Experience photo album http://www.chaishop.com/photos



aug 2 - anniversaries / antaris / hanf fest

For this weekend we have two anniversaries at a time:

Voov Experience – the mother of German trance parties – happens for the 10th time (and the 10th year)...

...And Chaishop sends it’s 200th “Chaishop by mail” mailing! Not too bad for a weekly mailing.

Let me give you a bit of background info: Chaishop was startet in early 1997 as a successor of a page called “Sam’s and André’s Trance Tips”. Similar to this “Chaishop by mail” resulted from an email mailing initiated with the former site. That must have been around mid 1996. The mailing always had a handwritten introduction and we tried to send it weekly (which did not always work...). It was mainly send by me but also Markus and Mat of Chaishop took the job over for some time. The mailinglist started with a handful of friends (I think some of them are still on it) and reaches today a size of over 2300 people. From the begin the main content was party info and today (with often over 200 parties) we try to add trance news of all kind. Well, thanks for your trust!!! Spread the word!

Last weekend we had Antaris Open Air in Germany accompanied by brilliant weather and a giant storm! An amazing amount of people have gathered for the festival with the amazing deco of Avikal and were not disappointed: Phat sound, diverse Music, a great location, thousands of shops and nice people made it a great event. At Sunday night the second floor was still amazingly crowded – I haven’t seen so much people on a Sunday night for some time. Check the photos!

Additionally we have a video of the Hanf Fest that happened in the Schanzenpark in Hamburg, Germany – actually about a hundered meters from the new Chaishop office ;->



jul 26 - Antaris Project / DJ Philipp

This weekend we have Antaris Project Open Air in Berlin, Germany. Antaris is famous for the amazing notfromthisworld string deco of Avikal. If you combine the current weather in Germany with his deco there’s actually no excuse to miss the party...

New on Chaishop are profiles of DJ Philipp (Germany).



jul 19 - morocco trance /love parade hamburg cancelled

Some time ago we pointed your attention to Oliver Becker creating a trance camping ground in Morocco. The basics has now been done but the big festival in Sep/Oct has been postponed to next year. Anyway there’ll be several smaller parties. Check the (german) update.

More news:
Video of the cancelled Hamburg Love Parade



jul 12 - alternative love parade / alien eyeland photos / dancer poem

On Saturday the alternative love parade syncron #1 happens in Hamburg, Germany. The organisation of it was accompanied by heavy problems with officials. Check details.

We extended our photo area with pics of the Alien Eyeland party on the german island Fehmarn last weekend.



jul 5 - chaishop label of the month july: insolation rec.

Chaishop Label of the month in July is Insolation Records from Germany. Starting as a cd compilation label they did it the "other way round" as most other labels and are now coming up with interesting artist albums and a different compilation series. Releases are getting better and better and so it's definitely time to check this guys out...



jun 22 - photos blacklight exhibition

The Nalanda 4 open air last weekend sunk in mud - but everybody had great fun anyway!!! I'm starting to think that muddy rainy parties make people party better!

And we have photos of the blacklight exhibition in Itzehoe, Germany.



jun 8 - chaishop tour cologne / liquid time oa

Last weekend we partied Chaishop Tour 2001 in Cologne Germany together with Haldolium, MOS, Tristan, Pushava, Laureth, Acan, Alpha, Thorsten Mesrine, Tania, me and other artists. It was one of the three best tour parties this year with amazing deco, great and diverse sound and a great location. When I left at about 6 p.m. sunday the party was still going. Thanks to Bahtiyar, his brother and Jürgen from the local organiser side and all guests for partying with us!

In the meantime the summer season in Germany has begun. One of the first open air parties was the brilliant "Liquid Time". Check some pictures!



Mai 14 - DJ Ralle, Videos

Neu ist DJ Ralle aus Halle und die Videos ABsurdestan TV und Parapsychicher Rundgang.



apr 22 - Böse Pillen

Druginfo "Böse Pillen" updated.



mar 31 - DJanes La Niña & AnneJoy

New Artists on Chaishop: DJanes La Niña & AnneJoy from Germany.



mar 23 - Chaishop sucht Wohnung in Hamburg

Sam vom Chaishop sucht eine WG & Büro-Wohnung in Hamburg um die Chaishop Anbindung an die Trance Szene noch weiter zu verbessern und einfach die Lebensqualität zu erhöhen. Wenn Du helfen kannst, würden wir uns freuen - und eine Belohnung ist auch drin! Hier sind die Parameter: 4-6 Zi.; 120 qm oder mehr; max. qm Preis 20 DM; Altona, Ottensen, Mitte od. St. Pauli. Mail oder Phone +49 177 6313303.


feb 9 - Initial Chaishop Tour Party

Last weekend we had the initial Chaishop Tour Party of this year in Essen, Germany. About 500 trance freaks partied with us in an amazing old gothic style building. Besides of a bit thin deco and slippery dancefloor it was definitely a rocking party! It was a crazy night though: Alpha had a car accident so we had to change the lineup severeral times and Lufthansa did loose the baggage of Noma who then had to play from CD instead of real live. Sorry about the confusion! Please check photos of the party. There we'll also keep you updated about future tour events (much in negotiation right now...).


feb 2 - Chaishop in Essen / neuer Shop / Art Café Essen

In Essen findet dieses Wochenende die erste Chaishop Tour party dieses Jahres statt! Rock with us am Samstag!

Ein neuer Online Shops präsentiert sich in unserem Shop-Directory. Der Name? Rumpelstilzchen! Im Angebot gibt es Headshop, Growshop & Spaceshop Stuff!

Und Zeche Bonifacius in Essen bietet bis zum 11 Februar im Rahmen des Art Café täglich alternative und Trance Programm.


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