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Author: Sam
Date: Oct 10, 1999
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Created: Oct 10, 1999
Updated: Sep 8, 2005
Photos: Kai Mathesdorf

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Thomas Samuel Jankowski aka DJ Sam @ passed through most musical styles before “discovering” trance music in 1993. With Trance he found a way of life that he was always searching for – diverse, intense, tolerant, colorful and underground.

In 1997 Sam started the website together with three friends. Chaishop fastly became “World’s No. 1 Website for Trance Culture” which it still remains today: A place with vast information about trance, mailinglists, party & link databases, etc.. Chaishop’s main objective always was to bring the international trance community closer together. This objective Sam also tries to support with his international DJ appearance and with a new magazine called Trancers Guide to the Galaxy that he initiated together with mushroom magazine in 2004 and that is since then beeing released on an annual basis. In 2005 Sam furthermore participated in compiling the Trancers Guide to the Galaxy Compilation that was released on YSE/Millennium records.

In 1998 Sam started to DJ on parties. His way of building a musical story got very good feedback from the partypeople and so everything evolved. Since then Sam played at around 150 parties in over 20 countries including Mexico, Portugal, Brasil, Hungary, Greece, USA, India, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Austria and of course Germany. In fact he became a really international DJ playing about 50% of his gigs outside of Germany. He loves to play in “young” trance countries and help the scene evolve. Remarkable stations are i.e. Boom Festival 2000 Portugal, Ypy Poty 2002 Brasil, Samothraki Dance Festival 2003 Greece, Voov Experience 2003 Germany, Waldfrieden Wonderland 2004 Germany and Antiworld 2005 UK.

Sam’s Style can be described as powerful groovy psytrance with a progressive touch. He likes to tell a story with times to freak out and times to flow in hypnotic grooves. Mixing is as important as variety. And not every track needs to be “unreleased” - Quality is what counts!

He is known for his large selection of music and ability for long sets. Sam’s longest set at “Unity Festival 2002 Bolivia” was for 16 hours. Sam also plays chill-out sets that are known for their variety ranging through ambient, dub, electro, triphop, downbeat and slow trance.

Contact Sam via Email or Phone +49/177/6313303.





current demos



" in India"
Pumping Groovy Psychedelic Trance
Mixed at Elevate, Delhi, India,
Aug 25, 2005
192kb/s mp3 stream (download) or
64kb/s mp3 stream (download)



" at Etnofestival"
Groovy Ethno Chill-Out
Mixed at Ethnofestival, Italy,
Sep 4, 2004
192kb/s mp3 stream (download) or

64kb/s mp3 stream (download)





older demos in Wonderland Pumping Groovy Psychedelic Trance Mixed at Waldfrieden Wonderland, Germany,
Aug 21, 2004
64kb/s mp3 (download) or
32kb/s mp3 (download)
High Times A-Side Pumping Groovy Psychedelic Trance Mixed at Voov Experience, Germany, Aug 9, 2003 20kb/s realaudio (download) or
32kb/s realaudio (download)
High Times B-Side Groovy Sea-Side Chill-Out Mixed at Voov Experience, Germany, Aug 9, 2003 20kb/s realaudio (download) or
32kb/s realaudio (download)
Psychedelic Groove Tech Powerful Groovy Psychedelic Trance Mixed at Voov Experience, Germany, Aug 9, 2003 20kb/s realaudio (download) or
32kb/s realaudio (download)
Metropolis Groove Groovy Progressive Trance House Mixed at Roxx, Hamburg, Germany, Sep 27, 2002 20kb/s realaudio or
32kb/s realaudio
Live at YPY Poty 2002 Powerful Progressive Trance Mixed at Voov Experience, Germany, Aug 9, 2003 20kb/s realaudio
Live at Sola Luna 2001 Chill Out Mixed in Greece, Samothraki Island, Aug 31, 2001 20kb/s realaudio
Welcome to the groove Clubby Progressive Trance July 2001 20kb/s realaudio
at Natraj Temple
Psychedelic and Progressive Trance Check 160 minutes of the
8h set at Natraj Temple,
Munic, Nov 3, 2000.
20kb/s realaudio
Grooving Boom Psychedelic and Progressive Trance August 2000 20kb/s realaudio





"DJ at Boom Festival"
Soak the amazing atmosphere at
Boom Festival 2000. Video by Jonas Karlsson.

Isdn stream (or download)
Double-isdn stream (or download)
Dsl stream (or download)

(you need the free Real Player)








Oct 3, 2005 Osnabrück Germany Hyde Park Waldfrieden
Aug 26, 2005 Delhi India Elevate Club Elevate
Aug 25, 2005 Bombay India Escape Club Escape
Aug 20, 2005 Fossacesia Italy Sun Explosion Sun Explosion
Aug 13, 2005 near Osnabrück Germany Waldfrieden Wonderland Waldfrieden
Apr 15, 2005 Villa Franca Spain Trancers Guide Party Virusnetcafe
Mar 20, 2005 Innsbruck Austria Party Wolfi
Feb 2, 2005 Frankfurt Germany Trance Royal Psylophant
Jan 29, 2005 London UK Antiworld Antiworld
Jan 09, 2005 Hamburg Germany Juice Club Juice Club
NYE 2004/2005 near Osnabrück Germany Silvestika Waldfrieden
Dec 25, 2004 Hannover Germany Atlantis Atlantis Projekt
Dec 24, 2004 Munich Germany Natraj Temple Natraj Temple
Nov 11, 2004 Hamburg Germany Juice Club Juice Club
Oct 30, 2004 near Basel Switzerland Staernechii Staernechii
Sep 3-5, 2004 near Pisa Italy Etnofestival Festival Etnofestival
Aug 21, 2004 near Osnabrück Germany Waldfrieden Wonderland Waldfrieden
July 24-25, 2004 Northern Germany Germany Ov-Silence OA Ov-Silence
July 22, 2004 Hamburg Germany Trance Dance Atisha
July 17, 2004 near Berlin Germany Antaris Project Antaris
May 21, 2004 Malmø Sweden Party Kulturbolaget
May 7-8, 2004 Munic Germany Natraj Club Natraj Club
April 29, 2004 Hamburg Germany Trancedance Atisha
April 18, 2004 Krefeld Germany 100% Pure Samadhi
April 11, 2004 Münster Germany Mindsound Easter Festival Mindsound
April 10, 2004 Bologna Italy Birthday Party Solarsiv
April 3, 2004 Berlin Germany Atmosphere Fluffy Club
Mar 12, 2004 Hamburg Germany Radio FSK Chaishop Special Radio FSK
Mar 5, 2004 London United Kingdom Chaishop World Tour 2004 Antiworld
Feb 22, 2004 Camburiú Brasil Carnaval Kiwi
Feb 14, 2004 Sao Paulo Brasil Alki Alki
Feb 12, 2004 Sao Paulo Brasil Psybreja Psybreja
Feb 11, 2004 Sao Paulo Brasil Beatnik Beatnik
Feb 4, 2004 El Bolson Argentina Moonbow Festival Moonbow
Jan 29, 2004 Sao Paulo Brasil Klatu Klatu
Jan 22, 2004 Rio de Janeiro Brasil Bunker 94 Sono
Jan 17, 2004 Campinas Brasil Party  
Jan 10, 2004 Sao Roque Brasil No Poltrix Brasilian Trance Festival
Dec 31, 2003 - Jan 4, 2004 close to Sao Paulo Brasil Brasilian Trance Festival Brasilian Trance Festival
Dec 27, 2003 near Zürich Switzerland Night Flight to Hallelujah Happy People
Dec 26, 2003 near Osnabrück Germany Waldfrieden Waldfrieden
Dec 25, 2003 Hannover Germany Atlantis BAD
Dec 6, 2003 Berlin Germany Atmosphere Fluffy Club
Nov 29, 2003 Mexico City Mexico Chaishop Tour Sounds on Earth
Oct 31, 2003 Hamburg Germany Sternenstaub T.O.S.O.R.
Oct 3, 2003 Oberhausen Germany Klang der Essenzen Klang der Essenzen
Oct 2, 2003 Munic Germany Party  
Sep 21, 2003 Madrid Spain The Yowl The Yowl
Sep 19, 2003 near Osnabrück Germany Chaifrieden Waldfrieden
Sep 2, 2003 Samothraki Island Greece Samothraki Dance Festival Samothraki Dance Festival
Aug 16, 2003 near Barcelona Spain Cosmictrance Festival Cosmictrance
Aug 14, 2003 Madrid Spain Yasta Club Yasta Club
Aug 9, 2003 Putlitz Germany Voov Experience Voov Experience
Jul 27, 2003 MeckPom Germany Excalibur Die Tafelrunde
Jul 26, 2003 near Cologne Germany N.O.M.A.D. Electric Circus
Jul 19, 2003 near Berlin Germany Antaris Project Antaris

Jul 12, 2003

MeckPom Germany Mushroom OA Mushroom

Jul 4, 2003

near Saloniki Greece Cyberlight Dance Festival Cyberlight
Jun 21, 2003 Cologne Germany Chaishop Circus 2003 Electric Circus
Jun 15, 2003 near Münster Germany Nalanda Nalanda
Jun 14, 2003 Solartribe Festival Croatia Party Solarsiv
Jun 9, 2003 Hannover Germany Path to Atlantis Path to Atlantis
Jun 6, 2003 Tel Aviv Israel TLV Club Night USTA
May 30, 2003 Hamburg Germany Chaishop Night Traxx
May 16, 2003 Peine Germany Party ?
Apr 30, 2003 San Jose Costa Rica Chaishop Open Air Chaishop Costa Rica
Apr 26, 2003 Hannover Germany Music for Lovers Klangstrahler
Apr 21, 2003 Hamburg Germany Sternenstaub T.O.S.O.R.
Apr 5, 2003 Vienna Austria Astrix Party  
Apr 4, 2003 Vienna Austria Psychic Reaction Subzero
Mar 28, 2003 Sao Paulo Brasil Freak-a-delic Freak-a-delic
Mar 27, 2003 Sao Paulo Brasil Chai + Chill Barra & Co.
Mar 21, 2003 Goiania Brasil Puls Club Puls
Mar 14, 2003 Sao Paulo Brasil A-Club A-Club
Mar 12, 2003 Sao Paulo Brasil Absinto Absinto
Mar 1, 2003 near Sao Paulo Brasil Solaris Festival Solaris
Feb 22, 2003 near Sao Paulo Brasil Chaishop Summer Open Air Chaishop Brasil
Feb 13, 2003 Curitiba Brasil Club Party Union
Feb 1, 2003 Minas Gerais Brasil Sunvibe Festival Sunvibe
Dec 31, 2002 Alto Paraiso Brasil Universo Parallelo Universo Parallelo
Nov 23, 2002 Köln Germany Party Electric Circus
Nov 8, 2002 Sauerland Germany Waldraum Malinke
Nov 2, 2002 München Germany Natraj Temple Natraj Temple
Oct 26, 2002 Dresden Germany Chaishop Anniversary Tour Triebwerk
Oct 12, 2002 Berlin Germany Fluffy Project Andreas + Peggy
Oct 5, 2002 Siedlinghausen Germany Chaishop Anniversary Tour Grube Siedlinghausen
Sep 27, 2002 Hamburg Germany Roxx Ov-Silence
Sep 20, 2002 Goiania Brasil Puls-Club Puls
Sep 13, 2002 Sao Paulo Brasil Freak-a-Delic Freak-a-Delic
Sep 7, 2002 Goiania Brasil Chaishop Anniversary Tour Tranceformation
Aug 5-11, 2002 near Sofia Bulgaria XPO Festival Boaz Krul
July 14, 2002 Ochrid Macedonia Alarm Festival Alarm Festival
June 1, 2002 Monterrey Mexico Chaishop Anniversary Tour Jikuri & Shikshan
May 31, 2002 Ciudad Juarez Mexico Chaishop Anniversary Tour Eclipse Prod.
May 25, 2002 Mexico City Mexico Chaishop Anniversary Tour Lucky & Sounds of Earth
May 18, 2002 Cologne Germany Chaishop Anniversary Tour Electric Circus
May 10, 2002 Hamburg Germany Chaishop Anniversary Tour Ov Silence
May 4, 2002 Santa Cruz Bolivia Unity Festival Psyworks
May 3, 2002 Guaralajara Brazil Bom Shankar Bom Shankar
May 2, 2002 Sao Paulo Brazil Klatu Daime Tribe
Apr 26, 2002 Sao Paulo Brazil Freak-a-Delic Freak-a-Delic
Mar 14, 2002 Sao Paulo Brazil Manga Rosa Manga Rosa
Mar 1, 2002 Sao Paulo Brazil Freak-a-delic Freak-a-delic
Feb 23, 2002 near Sao Paulo Brazil Chaishop Brasil Open Air Chaishop Brasil
Feb 13, 2002 near Pirenopolis Brazil Tranceformation Festival Tranceformation
Jan 28, 2002 Ubatumirim Brazil YPY Poty Festival Goodmood Prod. & Daime Tribe
Dec 31, 2001 near Frankfurt Germany Psylvester Nalanda + Chaishop
Dec 24, 2001 Hannover Germany Escape from Atlantis Atlantis
Dec 22, 2001 Cologne Germany X-Mas Party Electric Circus
Dec 15, 2001 Hamburg Germany Mushroom Chaishop Miditation Mushroom & Chaishop
Oct 6, 2001 Koblenz Germany Psychedelic Injection Psylofant Music & Art
Sep 29, 2001 near Osnabrück Germany Chaishop Tour 2001 Waldfrieden
Sep 22, 2001 Tübingen Germany Chaishop Tour 2001 Epplehaus

Sep 7, 2001

Athens Greece Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

Aug 31 -
Sep 2, 2001

Samothraki Island Greece Sola Luna

Magnetic Field Prod.

Aug 18, 2001

Ischgl Austria Natraj Summer Dance

Natraj Temple

Jul 21, 2001

Siedlinghausen Germany Daywalker


Jul 19, 2001

Hamburg Germany Atisha


Jun 29, 2001 New York USA Chaishop Tour 2001 Synthetic Sadhus
Jun 16, 2001 Vulkaneifel Germany Nalanda OA Nalanda
Jun 8, 2001 Sauerland Germany Waldraum OA Malinke
Jun 2, 2001 near Cologne Germany Chaishop Tour 2001 Electric Circus
May 19, 2001 Berlin Germany Chaishop Tour 2001 Pfefferberg
May 5, 2001 Mexico City Mexico Chaishop Tour 2001 Metta Productions
Apr 21, 2001 Nürnberg Germany Chaishop meets Mushroom Tour 2001 Ganesha
Apr 19, 2001 Roma Italy Party


Apr 15, 2001 Budhapest Hungary Chaishop Tour 2001 KenGuru
Apr 14, 2001 Vienna Austria Chaishop Tour 2001 Klangmüller
Apr 5, 2001 Lisboa Portugal Casino Party Thegirlsprod
feb 3, 2001 Essen Germany Chaishop Tour 2001 Visions of Rhythm Nature
dec 31, 2000 Mainz Germany Silvester Party Nada Brahma
nov 3, 2000 Munic Germany Natraj Temple Natraj Temple
oct 28, 2000 between Cologne & Frankfurt Germany Luna Fee Nalanda
oct 20, 2000 Skopje Macedonia Progressive Session Bushava Azbuka
sep 2, 2000 Harz Germany Soma Loba Templeart
aug 19, 2000 Cologne Germany After S.O.M.A. Party Cyber Circus
aug 11-16, 2000 near Lisbon Portugal Boom Festival 2000 Goodmood Productions
jun 17, 2000 near Mexico City Mexico Mushroom / Chaishop Tour Metta Productions
may 20, 2000 Dresden Germany Mushroom / Chaishop Tour Insulin Productions
may 5, 2000 Arnsberg Germany Mushroom / Chaishop Tour Mushroom Magazine
apr 30, 2000 Berlin Germany Mushroom / Chaishop Tour Pfefferberg / Subground
apr 29, 2000 Hannover Germany Klangtauchen André, Holle, Kai, Sasa, Sam
apr 1, 2000 Münster Germany Zangdopalri Zangdopalri
mar 11, 2000 Siedlinghausen Germany Mushroom / Chaishop Tour Grube Siedlinghausen
feb 25, 2000 Skopje Macedonia Spacedance Family of Light, 2d Wood
dec 18, 1999 Hannover Germany Pre-X-Mas-Trance André, Holle, Kai, Sasa, Sam
nov 20 - 28, 1999 Goa India 2 x Nine Bar
+ 1 x Baga Beach
may 23, 1999 Den Haag Netherlands Temple of Light Shakti Dance Productions
jan 22, 1999 Nijmegen Netherlands Marco + Barbies Party ABsurd Productions
dec 19, 1998 Hannover Germany Pre-X-Mas-Chill André, Holle, Kai, Sam

(more pictures)


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