Author: Mahasuka
Date: Dec 1, 1997
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upd. feb 2001


Hamburg, germany

I am working as a DJ since 1989 and starts with Raggamuffin and Hip Hop
till 1992, then i became a trance DJ. I have played on all big festivals in
Germany and whole Europe. Also i have played some gigs in India, Venezuela,
Russia, Mazedonia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.
I would like describe my style with "Psycho Elastic Techno Trance" .
In producing music i got three main projects which is "Intact Instinct",
"Peak Pilots", and "Disco Slickers". I.I. and P.P. i make together with my
friend and partner Stefan "the brain" Huebner and the D. S. are Sebastian
Krueger (Tarsis, SBK fame) and me.

Spirit Zone Festival 94, 95, U-Site Fusion 97, 98, 99, 2000, Voov 99,
Interference Festival 94, 95, Nation of Gondwana 95, 96, 97, 98, and
(too many to mention)

Releases 12" :
Intact Instinct - When Woodworm Works Worse 12" Pof Rec.
Intact Instinct - Multi Mutoid Mosquito Miasma 12" Naja Rec.
Peak Pilots - Smelling Trap 12" Spiral Trax Intern.
Ouija feat. DJ Mahasuka - Elasto 12" Naja Rec.
Disco Slickers - I think... 12" Naja Rec.
Disco Slickers - It«s a feel 12" Liquid Audio Soundz

Releases CD / LP
Intact Instinct - Supply from Below CD / LP Liquid Audio Soundz
Disco Slickers - Slick of it all CD / LP Liquid Audio Soundz
Intact Instinct - Coming soon CD / LP Liquid Audio Soundz

Remix Releases :
Der Stern von Africa - Nomo Butu (Intact Instinct Rmx) Pof Rec.
Quirk - Dance With The Devil (Intact Instinct Rmx) Medium Rec.
Atmos - The Only Process (Intact Instinct Rmx) Spiral Trax Rec.
Intact Instinct - Chicago Coin«s Cinema Double 12" / CD Liquid Audio
Includes 4 Rmx«s from "Der Dritte Raum", "Atmos", "Yumade" and "SBK" .

Also we have some trax on the following compilations:
Stereopoly - Hadshot Rec.
Electro Psychedelic Trance - Pof Rec.
Pulse 8 - Novatekk
Goa Head 9 - Novatekk
Tantrance 9 - Novatekk
Tantrance 10 - Novatekk
Underground Progressive Trance - Novatekk
Favotite Tools - XXX Rec.
Internationalism - Spiral Trax Intern.

DJ Mahasuka Compilation - Medium Rec.
Includes 8 unreleased and exclusive trax from:
Daniel Vernunft (Shiva Shandra fame)
Big Wigs
Snug as a bug
Quirk (Intact Instinct Rmx)
Bitmonx + Haldolium

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