The Chillout Channel

The latest releases presented by Arash Atman.

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Date: Dec 24, 2007
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Chaishop Music News presents "The Chillout Channel" - a new monthly journey through the world of chillout, ambient, lounge and downtempo.

This show is being presented by DJ Arash Atman (Electronic Soundscapes - Greece).

After the show we got a chillout set of DJ Arash Atman.

Play the Music Review Show
  • Ishq - Opal Live At Tokyo (Bonus Track from the Polymorphic Convolutions Compilation) [Electronic Soundscapes]
  • Music by Clint Mansell performed by Kronos Quartet and Mogwai - Tree Of Life ( The Fountain Movie Score ) [Nonesuch/WEA INternational]
  • Enterprise - Eniac (Chiller Vol.1) [Chillcode]
  • Tripswitch - Indigo (Androcell Remix) (Circuit Breaker Rewired) [Liquid Sound]
  • Kuba - Doves On My Window (Through A Lense) [Chillcode]
  • Gaudi - Ayahuasca Deep Fall (Gaudi Tribal-Breakz Remix) (Gaudi Remixes EP) [Interchill]
  • Kuba - The Road To Find Out (Through A Lense) [Chillcode]
  • Liquid Stranger - Confusion (The Invisible Conquest) [Interchill]
  • Brother Culture - Got To Get Ready ( Gus Till & Youth Remix) (Dari Bali) [Chillpresso]
  • Liquid Stranger - Djarum Express (The Invisible Conquest) [Interchill]
  • Younger Brother - Ribbon On A Branch (Last Days Of Gravity) [Twisted]

Play the Set

  • Lunchbox - Bento Box (Vinyl EP) [Agriculture]
  • Gong Bong - Radiola (Laughing with the moon) [F Communications]
  • Pusmipulyu - Wake you (133 Thursdays) [Interchill]
  • Krupp - Kritical Audio (Defining Moments) [Chillosophy]
  • Liquid Stranger - Splash Matters (The Invisible Conquest) [Interchill]
  • International Observer - Dirty Harry (Heard) [Dubmission]
  • Doctor Toast - The Way Of Truth And Love (Oz So Late) [ OEM ]
  • Reverse Engineering - Radiate (Devil In The Detail) [Interchill]
  • Gaudi feat. Random - THEN WHIP R.T. (Bliminal) [Interchill]
  • Slot Machine - Quick And The Dead (Snake Thing Remix) (Ear Pleasure) [Chill Tribe]
  • Grey Area - Time Is The Fire (Polymorphic Convolutions) [Electronic Soundscapes]
  • Omnimotion - Magic Tree (Oxycanta) [Ultimae]


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