CMN 082: The Chillout Channel

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Date: Oct 4, 2007
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The latest releases in chillout, ambient & lounge, Sunny aka DJ Mahiane (Ultimae - France) in interview and in the mix.

Chaishop Music News presents the Chillout Channel - a new monthly journey through the world of chillout, ambient, lounge and downtempo. Produced monthly in Hamburg, Germany.

This show is being presented by DJ interviewed Sunny of Ultimae records from France. Sunny is talking about the start and development of the label, the use of the internet, chillout music being contemporary and the new trance album of Solar Fields.

After the show we got a ambient set of Sunny aka DJ Mahiane.

Play the Music Review Show
  • [Album/Compilation: Release Title - Artist - Track (Label)]
  • Album: Strange Craft – Terra Nine – Brain (Side Liner Rmx) (Tempest)
  • Album: Caldera – Outersect – All Eyes (Heart’s Eye)
  • Compilation: Caravan of light – Joshua Penman – Dub Darvish (Lua)
  • Album: Caldera – Outersect – Dil La Liya (Heart’s Eye)
  • Compilation: Caravan of light – Mercan Dede & Azam Ali - Dem (Lua)
  • Compilation: Fahrenheit Part Six – Aes Dana – Bam (Overlit Edit) (Ultimae)
  • Interview: Sunny aka DJ Mahiane (Ultimae)
  • Compilation: Fahrenheit Part Six – Cell – Erasing Pluto (Ultimae)
  • Compilation: Soul Vibration 2 – Slackbaba – Tsentak (Liquid)
  • Album: Strange Craft – Terra Nine – Promise (Tempest)
  • Compilation: Soul Vibration 2 – Phutureprimitive - Innerverse (Liquid)

Play the Set

  • Carbon Based Lifeforms – Transmission / Intermission
  • SYNC24 – Memloop
  • Hol Baumann – Final
  • Omnimotion – Magic Tree
  • Aes Dana – Chernozem (closing)
  • Solar Fields – Winter Sun
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms – MOS6581
  • H.U.V.A. Network – Morning Call
  • Aes Dana – Memory Shell
  • Solar Fields – Leaving Home


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