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Date: Apr 9, 2001
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apr 9, 2001



DJ Profile

Paul was born 1966 into a world of tones and a family with great musical passion, which set grounds for an early interest in all sorts of music. Played the trumpet up until 15 years of age. Begun DJing in New Zealand 1983-86 (pre techno-boom), playing music from the 60's, 70's and 80's. After travelling for six years Paul eventually settled in London in 1992. There discovered the exploding underground dance scene and moved & grooved around to different beats in Europe until finding his passion for dancing was met particularly by Goa/Psy trance and techno music. Decided to take up DJing again in 1994. Debut was at the well known 'The Fridge' in Brixton, London, at an Escape from Samsara party in 1995. Since then Paul has continued to combine travels with DJ bookings world wide and has gone from strength to strength to become one of the few trance DJs capable of creating an ecstatic atmosphere at large events or purist underground parties alike. He has accompanied and enjoyed playing along other trance DJs/acts such as Tsuyoshi, Cosmosis, X-Dream, Nick Taylor, James Monro, Synchro, Xavier, Anti, Mark Allen, Total Eclipse, Hallucinogen, Planet Ben, Tarsis, Atmos etc.


Beatmixed Funky to Full-on progressive/psy trance. Moulding sound to space, place and people - rocking the crowd into the rhythm. Mediums used are: vinyl, CD and sometimes DAT. Whilst behind the decks Paul can be seen physically grooving to the beat and interacting with the crowd which inspires and adds further energy to the party and his set.

Studio Work

  • Co-produced a track with 12 Moons (Sep 2000), to be released by Digital Structures.

  • Co-produced tracks with Magus (Nov 1999, Jul/Aug 2000), to be released by Creamcrop Records.
  • Co-produced a track with Lumen (Sep 1999), released by Phantasm on the Lumen LP Oct 2000.
  • Co-produced 'Pigs in Space' (Feb 1998), 'Grinder Winder' (Nov 1998) and 'Brainwave' (Dec 1998) with Cosmosis, released by Transient 1998-99.

Other Activities

  • DJ'ed on 'The Tragic Roundabout' under the name Brother Ming (with Brother Mong, Greg Lunar) at the live Internet radio station www.gaialive.co.uk during 1999.
  • A&R and compiled an LP in 1997 for Transient, when the Australian trance scene was up and coming, named the 'Wizardry of OZ' released -97.
  • Interview with Paul on Transients web site at www.transient.com, from 1997.
  • Was covered by Muzik magazine (UK) October issue 1996 whilst on tour with Cosmosis in Colombia.

    Main DJ Gigs 2000

    Sonic Playground Calgary, Canada Nov
    Natraj Temple Münich, Germany Nov
    The Juice Bar Hamburg, Germany Oct
    Earthdance Berlin, Germany Oct
    Zoom Festival Zürich, Switzerland Aug
    Natraj Summer Dance Bavarian Alps, Germany Aug
    VooV Experience Hamburg, Germany Jul
    Baby Boom Haifa, Israel Jul
    Breathing Space Norwich, UK Jul
    Trance Café party Tokyo, Japan Jun
    Shiva Moon Perth, Australia May
    Earthstomp Perth, Australia Apr
    Zanadu Reload Perth, Australia Apr
    Somatonic Sydney, Australia Apr
    Full Circle Sydney, Australia Apr
    The Carpark Byron Bay, Australia Mar
    Cuban Club Cairns, Australia Mar
    Trance Café after party Tokyo, Japan Feb
    Trance Café party Tokyo, Japan Feb
    New World Osaka, Japan Feb
    Bum Spanka Melbourne, Australia Jan
    Rainbow Serpent Festival Melbourne, Australia Jan
    Optimystic Auckland, New Zealand Jan
    Prana 2000 New Year party Ohui, New Zealand Jan

    Main DJ Gigs 1999

    Natraj Temple Münich, Germany Nov
    Cosmic Carrot, Tyssen St. London, UK Oct
    Kundalini Life Force Tour Manchester, UK Oct
    Kundalini Life Force Tour Portsmouth, UK Sep
    Elektrik Temple II London, UK Aug
    Space Club Eclipse party Zeltweg, Austria Aug
    Sky Symphony Sustenpass, Switzerland Jul
    New World Nagano, Japan Jul
    Soil Osaka, Japan Jul
    Tribal Heart London, UK Jun
    Kundalini, Tyssen St. London, UK May
    Natraj Temple Münich, Germany May
    Psyklon Oslo, Norway April
    Earthcore After Burner Melbourne, Australia Feb
    Rainbow Serpent Festival Melbourne, Australia Jan
    Virtual Vortex Tokyo, Japan Jan
    New World Tokyo, Japan Jan
    Happy People New Year party Zürich, Switzerland Jan

    Main DJ Gigs 1995-98

    Bum Spanka London, UK '98
    Vision Quest Tokyo, Japan '98
    Full Moon party Okinawa, Japan '98
    Psycho Funk Osaka, Japan '98
    Transient & Roland party Osaka, Japan '98
    Psy-Flower Zürich, Switzerland '98
    Natraj Temple Münich, Germany '98
    Summer Equinox Iver, UK '98
    A Taste of Transient London, UK '98
    Maya Full Moon party Melbourne, Australia '98
    Nuarda Transient party @ Cream Manchester, UK '98
    Studio 24 Edinburgh, Scotland '98
    Return to the Source Sydney, Australia '98
    Rainbow Serpent Festival Melbourne, Australia '98
    Return to the Source Auckland, New Zealand '98

    The Eternal Frequency London, UK '97
    Further Out Prod. party Tokyo, Japan '97
    Shambala Tokyo, Japan '97
    Club Virtua Cali, Colombia '97
    Club Grotica Bogota, Colombia '97
    Music Teka party Bogota, Colombia '97
    Escape Melbourne, Australia '97
    Trancelements Moonhead, Australia '97
    Transient party Athens, Greece '97
    Tribal Science Athens, Greece '97
    Diversity Essen, Germany '97
    Transient party Dortmund, Germany '97
    Club 2001 Malmö, Sweden '97

    Achilles Heel Club Athens, Greece '96
    Subliminal Psychadelia London, UK '96
    B.N.E./Transient party Tel Aviv, Israel '96
    Out There Festival Normandy, France '96
    Escape from Samsara London, UK '96
    Plexus Newcastle, UK '96

    Subliminal Psychedelia London, UK '95
    Escape from Samsara London, UK '95

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