CMN 083: One Foot Groove Special

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Date: Oct 11, 2007
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The latest releases of hard/dark psy, Jasper of Mush-e-Mart in interview and DJ Atyss in the mix

Chaishop Music News presents the One Foot Groove Special - a monthly journey through the world of dark and hard psytrance. Recorded at One Foot Groove studios in Cape Town, South Africa.

This show is moderated by Nick of One Foot Groove. talks with Jasper of the dutch psychedelic mushroom mailorder Mush-e-Mart. Jasper is talking about the popularity and effects of Mushrooms, his experience with selling them (nearly) worldwide, the EU legislative on mushroom and how to use or not to use them. We play 3 tracks by full face, Galactic Monkey and Oil in our competition, please send us an email telling us what you think about each track to We then play an oldie by Broken Toy called Bring the Noise and compare this to one off his new album called candy.

Play the Music Review Show
  • Full Face – Stress
  • Galactic Monkey – Funky Rage
  • Oil – These red eyed jedis
  • Damage – Bring the Noise(Broken Toy Remix) Timecode – Sonic Solutions 2005
  • Broken Toy – Candy (Alchemy) The low down dirty sound of…

Play the Set

  • Atyss - Epsilon
  • Hydraglyph - Totalled
  • Abomination vs outersignal - The trooper
  • Atyss - T virus
  • Shift - Pump
  • Dino Psaras
  • Atyss - Atomik circus
  • Triskell - Yasse
  • Digital talk - Building senses
  • Deeper in Zen - Awareness


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