One Foot Groove feat. Lyle & Laurence (MMD - South Africa)

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Date: Dec 19, 2007
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The latest releases of hard/dark psy presented by the One Foot Groove team in South Africa. Electric Mirror (Phar-psyde - UK) hard psy set.

Chaishop Music News presents the One Foot Groove Special - a monthly journey through the world of dark and hard psytrance. Recorded at One Foot Groove studios in Cape Town, South Africa.

On this months show we have an interview with Lyle and Laurence from MMD, they chat about their label and the psytrance scene as it is today. We also play some tracks, by Penta, Hydraglyph, Chabunk and galactic monkey.

The Mix we have after the show is from Electric Mirror from Pharsyde Records, UK.

Play the Music Review Show
  • Penta – Perfect Sunday Album Horn Please (Auraquake) 2007
  • Hydraglyph - Abstraction Album Euphonics (Nexus-Media) 2007
  • Chabunk – Unreleased (One Foot Groove) 2007
  • Galactic Monkey – Chunky Psychedellic (Unreleased) (One Foot Groove) 2007

Play the Set

  • Physical Reality
  • Tonight’s the night (RMX)
  • Cartoon land (Organic Hybrid)
  • Minor Defect
  • Paranoid Delusions
  • Somebody Fire
  • Gods Waiting Room
  • Cheese Slayer
  • I Lose it
  • The Mind Lab


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