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Author: Sam
Date: Jul 10, 2007
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Date: July 10, 2007
Photos: Sam, mima.matze

Fusion festival - The Burning Man of Europe

Some love it, some hate it. Fusion Festival in Germany is surely not a simple festival to consume. You won’t find the biggest acts of a genre, not the biggest sound systems, not the most beautiful people nor the best weather – but you will find a vast playground of styles, projects, collectives, ideas, people and art. And more than on any other event YOU are the party!

I’m slowly returning from the 11th Fusion Festival in Germany – my body arrived in Hamburg on Monday but my mind is still traveling. I loved this year but I hated the last one. For other people it’s the other way around. Fusion is intense. Partying with 40,000 people which all want to display their individuality can’t simply be consumed. Fusion is different than any other party in Germany, maybe in whole Europe. It took me years to find my way to it.

Years were I was toggling between “Fusion is great” and “Fusion is shit”. While first being overwhelmed by location, size and diversity I later on got pissed by trash, hard vibes and dubious background stories. Finally I found out that Fusion is not the perfect surrounding for you to party or be entertained but rather the surrounding for displaying their art and alternative ideas to a broad audience while getting inspired by the mental and physical eruptions of others. Limits are very limited here. The air smells weird. The next surprise is just around the next corner so better you go without preparations and expectations.

And there goes my tribute to the organizers: To their ability to activate all these crazy artists and leaving them the freedom to express whatever comes up in their mind. To their diplomatic skills to please the local neighbors. And to the achievement of making 40,000 party freaks from the most different backgrounds party together in peace and accepting those few rules that are necessary.


See you at Fusion 2008!




Author: / Date: 14.10.2010 10:57:34

Burning Man festival is an event which has grown from being a beach party celebrating the summer solstice to the incarnation of personal freedom, radical self expression. If you’re looking for a totally unique experience, The Burning Man Festival will provide you with one, but only if you participate.

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