Sekretab Records

Intelligent Psychedelic from Amsterdam

Author: Snikers
Date: Jun 4, 2007
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Sekretlab Records is the new upcoming label from Amsterdam, Holland. The style is mainly progressive-psy and based on clean and intelligent compositions.

Founded on 2003 as music community where artists from all over the world
could post their tracks, this project has developed and is nonw compromised
to release some of the best upcoming talents together with some of the best
and established artists.

The label\'s first release will be the album of Organix `Photosynthesis´.

Daan van Hamersveld & Pim van Horssen are the responsibles for this project started at the begining of 2006. After a few months of work they were
playing their first live set and since then their sound never stop

Photosynthesis is the result of all these months of work and reveals a mature and defined `sound-line´ by this duo. The production techniques are excelents and the arrangements are very clean & intelligent.

Its all about progressive-psy, sometimes you can call it `slow motion psytrance´ !!

Only 2 tracks are available for total listening on, the rest will be available on the usual web
distributors, soon !!!

Expected release date is 30/04/2007 !!!

Greets !!!

Sekretlab Rec.

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