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Portuguese fullon on its best

Author: Juggler
Date: Dec 11, 2006
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Creatrix is a full on morning project, very melodic, groove and progressive, based on the first essence of the psychedelic goa trance, involved in a joyable atmosphere.

Creatrix it\'s a project made by Raul & Janaina . The first one was born in 1976, in Portugal. The second was born in 1980, in Brazil.

Since 1999, Raul began to produce psytrance, with a project called Plexus. Later, in 2005, he decided to change his name to Creatrix, when he met Janaina, a brazilian girl who listen to eletronic music since 1986, influence from her old sister who lived in goa. They were in Brazil,when they start a new project together.

They actually live in Portugal, place chosen to set up their new studio.
More about us + new tracks to listen and downloads go to:

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