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Author: Adam
Date: Jan 24, 2007
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Date: 24 Jan 2007
Text: Adam

Ladies and Gentleman,
Welcome to the year 2007, the year the dissolution of frontiers between materia, mind and virtuality is going another step further. The year a new Audio Netlabel is born: DIGITAL DIAMONDS.

Based in Muenster/ Germany it offers you finest Psychedelic Techno in 256kbit Quality.

The best about DIGITAL DIAMONDS: It’s Everything for everybody, everywhere! That means electronic music in high quality - for free!!! And because it’s the launch of the label we offer you two releases at once:

[DigitalDiamonds001]: Simmetune presents his very first EP “Mechanik” here on Digital Diamonds. Get covered by his pads and clear percussion. Get in touch with deep and intensive atmosphere but be careful - the blasting percussions return you back to the ground...

Simmetune was born 1981 in Karl-Marx-Stadt / East-Germany. He started listening to electronic music with 14 years and decided very early to produce his own tracks. After his \"Schranz\"-time he developed his own distinctive style which merges harmonic pads and deep percussive space - simply unmistakeable. Simmetune\'s aim is to create honest and uncommercial electronic music. His ideals are still DJ Rush and Chris Liebing.

Check the EP Titel Track:[DigitalDiamonds001]_A1_Simmetune_-_Mechanik_preview.m3u

[DigitalDiamonds002]: Go along with Nuclear Ramjet on an extradeep and pounding journey through their “Liquified” space. Their pumping propulsion already rocked dancefloors all over the planet. We are proud to present the two Canadians here on Digital Diamonds!

Felix Richer and Max Chapados take their collective name from the dark era of atomic age. The \"Nuclear Ramjet\" is in fact the most controversial form of propulsion ever. With releases on respected labels such as Ascend, Iboga, Hadshot and Paul Oakenfold\'s Perfecto, Nuclear Ramjet\'s stated mission is to bring innovative sounds to the masses, and they\'ve been doing that since their formation in 1997. Their liveset is composed of a stunning hybrid of techno and live processed instruments supported by a unique blend of film footage.

Check the EP Title Track:[DigitalDiamonds002]_A1_Nuclear_Ramjet_-_Liquified_preview.m3u

You like it? Then download it!
Releases, Infos and even a guestbook for your comments are waiting for you!


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