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Author: DJ Matte
Date: Sep 14, 2006
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Date: Sep 14, 2006
Text: DJ Matte

Dj Matte was born in Bologna, Northern Italy, in August 1979. He has been present in the Italian trance scene for many years by now, becoming a rather well-know Dj.

He starts to attend the Italian parties back in 1996, and becomes personally and actively involved in its organization as of year 2000. That same year he launches the Dancing Elves crew, that acted as party organizer.

A couple of years later he keeps on mixing for different teams, all over Italy, meanwhile building and bringing to life his Jumping Trip Project, based on playing tracks which encourage the audience to naturally jump on the dance floor during his dj set, thus gathering very strong and positive feedback.

He is appreciated for the quality of his mixing and the choice of tracks as well as his ability to follow and lead a dancefloor to high psychedelic atmosphere.

Back in December 2003 he starts, with other members, the Electronic Brain cultural team which, thanks to its website: , the very first of this kind in Italy, has the goal to promote the psytrance movement, in all its shapes both in Italy and abroad by relying on close collaborations with artists and labels.

Dj Matte currently works on reviewing new longplays, and on the artists interviews, which are all posted on the Electronic Brain website, which is continuously updated.

In March 2006, he had the chance to work on the Italian trance-scene\'s profile for the annual \'Trancers Guide to the Galaxy\' (version 2006), the largely-known trance magazine which reaches the audiences worldwide.

Dj Matte has played at over 150 parties around Italy during the last six years. In some of these events he played with artists like: Astral Projection, Analog Pussy, Necton, Peter Digital, P.A.Farmer, Shiva Chandra, Nomad, E.V.P., Golikem, Cpu, Scorb, Zoo b, Psytekk, Altom, Sesto Sento, Future Prophecy, Quantum, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Xenomorph, Sirius Isness, Star Sound Orchestra, Nick Panick, Mekkanikka, Triskell, Visual Paradox, Ultravoice, Digital Talk, Freakulizer, Chromosome, Hydrophonic, Hyper Frequencies, Soul Surfer, Alfredo Garcia, Xenical, Andromeda, Artist, Day Din, Dereinspunkt, Necmi, Audiomatic, Symphonix.

In 2006 he joins Utopia Records, and starts collaborating on the promotion of Utopia music in Italy.

For further information, or booking, feel free to write to: or

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