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Author: Leandro Arrozeres
Date: Oct 19, 2006
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Date: 19 October 2006
Text: Dj Om

My name is Leandro Arrozeres aka Dj Om, from Argentina.
I’ve been a dj for the last ten years, started with breakbeat and minimal. During the past five years I’ve been mixing psytrance, and also organizing events the past four years.

During summer ’01, we organized the first psy parties at beaches and woods of Mar del Plata. Together with two friends, I created GLOBAL TRIP, a collective that would spread psy sound, fluo art, performances and styles like breakbeat and minimal house.
In the same year I was DJ resident in EXTASIS. Then I created a new collective, TRIBUTRANCE, organizing events such as TRANCEMUTA psychedelic experience, UNION psytrance sessions, ACID PARTY (events with different DJ’s), FULL MOON PARTY, CONEXIOM and CHAKRA TRANCE (in which I played during seven hours, each one of them dedicated to a different chakra)

My sets are characterized for being quite energetic and intense, combining aggressive grooves with acid and psychedelic lines, playing songs produced by Penta, Kinzadza, Mubali, Dejan, Ocelot, Metallaxis, Zirkin, Double r.e.l, Entropy, Jelly Headz, Yohimbe, Xenomorph, Electrypnose, C.c.l, Encelophaticys, Terranoize, The Nommos and more... from companies such as Doof rec, Devilmind rec, Alkaloid product, Dropout product, Ajana, Kagdila and more...

My intention is to help people connect with their inner self, with their essence, helping their energy to flow freely so that they may have an intense experience...

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