Ocelot - Nine Lives

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Author: Ilse
Date: Nov 2, 2007
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Ocelot - Nine lives

Mr. Aaron Peacock, the world traveller in the psy cosmos should be a wellknown
artist, as this multi productive participant of our scene uses to bring us so
much different views of his idea in electronic sound creations. his already
fourth solo album `9 livesĀ“, on rising label Zaikadelic in Israel, is just
another example of Aarons versatility and yet another tripped out state of the
art of tribalistic mayhem for the daytime.

as i know him for he does not loose any time with an introduction or something
to start this cd. a wobbling beat carries me through this track which becomes
more and more complicated and even a housy hint i noticed, which i usually
would complain about, but his funky way of turn it into the trippy side of
electronics fascinates me once more .. he goes on with the tweaky sounds i
like so much .. and after `ah, lets go crazy!Ā“ he has me fully catched and
guides me to the other eight track of a tribalistic mad monsteralbum always
with the helmet of the tripped out wearing! weird lines creeping out of the
backround and rippling ahead. sparkling spirals take me by their hand to
hijack me into a world of hypnotics and strange happenings.

he always knows the right moment for a change, a kick or a turn into a
different direction, implements samples where they fit brilliant and even puts
edges of melodics into it. i dont miss sharp leads biting me as well as
morphed and modulated lines making it so squeezy sometimes that it bleeds. the
acid seem to drop out of it while a forcing beat, sometimes smoother others
are dirty, catches my attention again and again. his arrangements became more
patience in the build ups and are more tidy now, what makes it even more
hypnotic recently. it seems to be strange produced sometimes, but the settings
of the gears he uses are also quit special, and if you ever heard him live
playing, you know it has to be like this. and dudes, this is no sound for the
nighttime anyway!! nevertheless here are so many different tracks always
producing absorbing moments fitting so damn great together as one serious trip.

if there are moments i thought `there a change might fit good, its getting
monotonous, he brought it in a surprising manner by adding something
energetic, catchy or even a naiv melody. beside penta he is one of those rare
artist usually pull off the feat to add such melody parts without being nervy.
lovely!!! filtered loops of an weird state of mind garnished by gleepy
bubbles. this is the shit! i didnt noticed any break he didnt managed to keep
attention as he just dont loose time in trying to build up what he constantly
holds in his hands. there are pure oldschool parts which were killed by a damn cool funkiness using a twisted treat of recent technologies.

in the whole duration, and i cant mention it enough, he trips me from one to
the other with so much different bases, kicks, percussions and sounds make me
laugh, smile and grin. the atmoshphere ranges from scary to weird, twisted
even darkish here or there with upward spirals coming down again in subtle way
of a mad or harsh manner in the face, everything i find in here. i cant point
on any track in special which i like the most. i tasted this album many times,
and i know Aarons stuff is something you have to take attention to. i did, and
damn, i am happy that i made it on headphones, a proper set up for my
neighbours and enjoyed it more and more each listening. i have to say the
first two tracks are possibly my favourites here, but in fact i cant say this
as the following set up is more intelligent and complicated to understand.
usually this is the way i appreciate it the most. if i imagine each of the
tracks is one live, i am looking forward to what might will happen in the
future, as this seems to be damn funny shit to expect. it\'s for sure not for
everybodies taste, but if you like to have it trippy at the daytime but not
boring, kicking your ass and maybe you want to surprise a crowd, this most
definitely is a perfect tool for every dj too. congratulations to zaikadelic
in israel as well, who seem to make a very nice job.

thx for the music

Review by Ilse

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