Digital Oracle - Life Stream

Compiled by Mixtec

Author: Juggler
Date: Sep 22, 2006
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Digital Oracle – Life Stream
Compiled by Mixtech

Promotional Thread

Mixtec began DJing at a very young age. He has now joined Crystal Matrix, one of the biggest trance labels in the world.

Since joining Crystal Matrix, he has performed at all the big events in Portugal, such as the Freedom Festival, Etnicanet Festival and all the other big parties. He has now established himself as a great force in the trance scene and regularly performs alongside the biggest names.

Because of his techniques and skills on the decks and unique performances on stage, Mixtec has joined forces with Digital Oracle for this release.

Track list:

1 – Talamasca – Life Stream
2 – XSI – Millenia
3 – Space Cat vs. Pixel – Speedy Tours
4 – Black & White – Snowball
5 – Vibe Tribe – Big Tasty
6 – Ptx vs. Z-Machine – 20 Rules
7 – Life Extension – Under Skin
8 – Elec3 – Hipnotic
9 – Shift – The Rift


This compilation has been released in July but I just got my cd now, so here it goes :)

Track 1 is done by Talamasca and has the name of the has a power kick bassline, some psychedelic and playful sounds and a beautiful deep melodie, taking us to a kind of a Goa-Trance mood.

Track 2 is from one of my favourite projects of the moment, has a superb bass line that takes your feets out of the floor, mixed with a morning melody that transports

Track 3 was released in another compilation from Digital Oracle – Revelations but I think that it was just sold in Japan and the track is here again...marvellous melody like Space Cat allways does.
Track 4 is my favourite here, it rules in any has that fat Black & White kick bass line, with some psy tunes going in and out; by one side, it seems a very powerfull track but by other it’s very mellow...just listen :)

Track 5 is done by Vibe Tribe and is called Big could be one of the best Vibe Tribe last tracks if there wasn’t all that boring machine sounds near the end; the Vibe Tribe’s beautiful melodies are there but from 5m15s till the end starts to be a bit too much :(

Track 6 is a collaboration between Ptx and Z-Machine and what a collaboration...I think they have to produce more music together because I don’t like too much Z-Machine or Ptx solo projects but the two together are great...fat bassline, nice melodies, all very rhythmic.

Track 7 by Life Extension is called Under has nice morning melodies, good brakes but don’t bring nothing new.

Track 8 by Elec3 – Hipnotic is a bit like the last one, it has a nice construction, nice psy tunes but don’t bring nothing new of the majority of the other Elec3 tracks.

For closing the compilation, Mixtec choosed a track that I don’t understand why is here...I like a lot of Shift sound, but seeing the rest of the tracklist, I think he could choosed another one more melodious and pacific for finishing the compilation.

For me, Life Stream in general is a very good compilation, it’s based on fullon but has too other trance favourites are 2, 3, 4 and 6.


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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