Ssoniq Yod (Nucleo Psyconautas / Neurotika Djs)

10 Questions to...

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Date: Sep 5, 2006
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10 Questions to...Ssoniq Yod (Nucleo Psyconautas / Neurotika Djs)

1 – Name/Age/Occupation?

Fabio Frasson _30_Dj_Music producer_Sounddesigner.

2 – Where are you from?

Évora < Portugal , living in Porto Alegre, RS south Brazil.

3 – How long are you in the electronic music scene?

I started in 96, listening a lot of IDM, and after going to jungle and dnb party clubs. In 98, when I had my first contact with psychedelic trance party, everything changed. At the begining I stayed a little bit out the scene, but in 2001, I started to play at friend´s partys, working with decor, until 2003 , then i moved to Brazil, where I´m living now and where I started to work as a dj and with party deco. I met very good friends, some of them great visionaries of the psy community (such as Calliari ) whom leads us ( with Sabrina) to start the first nucleo of psytrance in the state of Rio Grande do Sul named Psyconautas, now a reference on the brazilian south. In the year of 2006, i was invited to be a part of the Neurotika djs cast, a very well knowed agency, in the state of Santa Catarina, the state above Rio Grande do Sul.

4 – What’s your favourite style, bpm range...?

I have a lot of favourites :), but my choice goes to a combination of progressive_131_tribal with dense atmospheres, with twisted fat electro trance uplifting vibe ::)))

5 – Some words about your project...

I used to listen a lot of dark psyprog, a lot of Triplex, Yumade, Snug as a Bug, so I started producing progressive psy with a twisted and introspective tunes. Now I look for references conected with the dance floor culture, into the progressive tribal side. Progressive is powerfull, hipnotic, atmosferic, and what a groove....
\"Ssoniq Yod \"is progressive tribal, and I´m trying to show an hidden side , a mistical view, of our passage in life, as magic people, living in a magic world.
My other project, Interstelar Flea Market, the experimental side of minimal ambient and cinematique musical research.

6 – Tell me about your favourite projects of this moment.

I´m enjoying a lot of Rpo, Kobbe, Austin Leeds, Thomas Penton, Martin H, Rodrigo Moita, Jzk,( electro/prog artists). Into the prog trance scene I have my favorites as Bitmonx, Paste, Antix, Dnox, Audiofactory and Glocal, boths from Brazil (glocal kiks ass) my favorite djs of progresive/electro house: Danny Graham, Kobbe, Austin Leeds, and the psy djs. Im big fan of Perboni (echo record) and Luje (epprecords) from Santa Catarina, here, in prefered djs, in the psy scenne is Calliari and Frenetic, playing side B of psytrance.

7 – What do you think of the present trance scene in your country?

I think its growing fast, and I started to notice that people are now starting to realise that there are two diferent kinds of atitude into the psy scenne: the superficial one, and the serious one. And I have big faith on the serious one ......

8 – And in the rest of the world?

I believe its changing. I believe one day djs of psytrance will apear, side to side, with Deegweed, Tiesto, Cox , in a dj top list. Psytrance have its own potencial and has a serious side to explore into the dance floor culture.It only needs serious people working hard on it....

9 – Your sense of life?

\" daring , we bring prestige to creative art \"

10 – For contact...
msn :

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