Author: Atma
Date: Aug 24, 2006
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Date: Aug 24, 2006
Text: Atma

Artist Name: ATMA
Genere: morning & twisted full on

Andrei Oliver Brasovean aka \"ATMA\" is original from Transylvania(Romania). Starting to produce acid-techno and trance music since 1992 he is one of the pioneers of electronic music in East Europe.
In \'95-\'96 he started to produce goa trance music and to organise small parties. In almost 14 years of electronic music production, Atma played under different project names and different colaborations
like: Atma & R?tur, Ravana, Lunatic Asylum, Raving Minds, Andy Hype, Atma & Styx?
He had also several releases on different labels:Ov-Silence,Skills Rec, Roton, Media Services(Sony Music), Cytopia, Headroom Prod. and Y.S.E Rec.

Beside his trance projects, Atma works as a music composer and sound engineer for commercial bands(house, dance, pop, rock, hip hop..) and also as a film music producer, theatre & orchestral arrangements.
On the international trance scene he played on festivals & parties arround Europe: Germany, Swiss, Austria, Bulgary, Greece... with near artists: Eat Static, X-Dream, Bamboo Forest, BLT, Shiva Chandra, Haldolium etc..

Most important trance festivals played:
Union Trance (95), Techno Experience (96), Aliens Landing (97), Nova Festival (Au), PsychedeliKa (2000), Sun Dancer (Ch), XPO 2002 (Bg), Center Parade (2002), De La Hoya (2003 - 05), Center Parade (Ro), The Guardians Of Truth (Ro), Transylvania Calling (2004-05), Pfingste In Wald (Ch), Synthplants Ekzit (2004-06), Elfentanz (De)
Schmox Family (De), Sylvester On The Beach(De)
Euphoria (Bg), Ov Silence 2005(De), Open Your Mind (2005), Umaia 2006 (Bg), Yello Sun Vs. Black Moon 2006, Tchamla Kingdom 2006 (Bg)

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