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10 albums that have affected my life in music

Author: Bakke
Date: Oct 11, 2007
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DJ Bakke: 10 albums that have affected my life in music.

Depeche Mode - Black Celebration (Mute, 1986)

I think that everything that Martin Gore and Co have done has affected me in
some way. This is the band that I think is one of the greatest bands ever. If I
have to pick one of their albums it has to be this one, since it´s the first
that came into my possession. It´s the album that got me interested in
electronic music and it also contains one of the best tunes ever made;

Front 242 - Tyranny >for you< (Epic, 1991)

One of the best albums from the pioneers in electronic music, and a true
inspiration for many artists and performers. It has a more dancefloor-oriented
sound and I still enjoy it very much.

Frontline Assembly - Tactical Neural Implant (Third Mind, 1992)

This band has always made an impact on me. I love all of their work and this
album is what made me discover them. The sound is dark and aggressive but
manages to keep it harmonic and beautiful.

V A - Trance Europe Express vol. 1 (Volume, 1993)
Though this isn\'t an album but a compilation, it´s the first electronic dance
music record that I ever bought. Containing tracks from a number of wellknown
artists in the scene, it made me discover a new style of music. It´s still a
massive compilation.

Eat Static - Implant (Planet Dog, 1994)

In my opinion one of the best producers in dancemusic there is. After hearing
dj Anti playing some of their tunes I simply had to have their album. It was
during this period that I also started to dj at parties.

Sven Väth - The Harlequin, The Robot and The Balletdancer (Eye Q, 1994)

Simply a great album. It´s hard to find an album that is enjoyable from the
beginning to the end, but this one has it all. I think its one of the best
releases from Eye Q, which was also one of my favorite labels of that time.

V A - The First Orbit (Planet Rhythm, 1995)

Starting to get more and more of I vinyl junkie, I bought a lot of releases
from this Swedish label; `Planet Rhythm´. They released music from many new
fresh artists that now are some of the biggest names in the techno scene; Adam
Beyer, Cari Lekebusch, Robert Leiner and Jesper Dahlbäck. This compilation was
a favourite gem in my recordcase.

Juno Reactor - Bible of Dreams (Blue Room released, 1997)

Great band, great music and great album. Juno Reactor was the band that got me
hooked on trance back then. Contains one of the best danceable tunes ever;
`Conga Fury´.

X-Dream - Radio (Blue Room released, 1998)

Buying all the music they released, X-Dream was and still is one of the best
producers I know. I played a lot of their work when they released under the
Hamburgbased label `Tunnel´. This album is in my opinion the best they did, and
it was groundbreaking for me when it came. I´m still remembering the rainy Voov
Experience 1997, dancing to `Psychomachine´ in the cold wet storm with a big
smile on my face.

Nuclear Ramjet - Noomraker (Noom, 1998)

The label that I have most 12 inch from and which also was my favourite label back
then; Noom Records. Timeless music that still works.



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