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Author: Juggler
Date: Aug 1, 2006
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Spectrum – Space Helmet
Spectrum Music

Promotional Thread

In this album Dede collaborates with massive acts!
Spectrum Records was founded back in 2001, by Israel\'s leading, veteran Dj and one of its most influential figures, Dj Dede.
Dede has been active in the local and international scenes since the early trance days, throwing free beach parties in 1992, and co-founding the legendary Mdma Records and Distribution in 1997.
Dede\'s unique powerful and uplifting style can be recaptured while listening to the various CD compilations he has compiled. Spectrum records concept is Dede\'s vision of the future of trance and its electronic siblings. Discovering those incredible talents and following them through.The Spectrum sound has been molded after experimenting with all trance grooves and can be best described as uplifting, touching yet powerful and juicy dance floor hits.
Spectrum records is back stronger than before, presenting you with Spectrum\'s (Dj Dede) third artist album \'Space Helmet\' CD.
Space Helmet is the result of a year long jamming in the studio, throwing us deeper and deeper into un-stepped groovy territories.

Track list:

1. Albert Einstein
2. Bad Boys Remix
3. Barking Alien
4. Show Time
5. Space Helmet
6. Pizdata
7. Budha Stick (Live Bass Remix)
8. Down Town Tel Aviv (Dede\'s Goa 06 Remix)
9. Deep Impact


Sincerely, of the other two albuns from Spectrum I didn’t like many tracks, let’s listen this one.

Track 1 is one of the best tracks I heard in the last months...it has a strong bassline, deep and evolving melodies, all very spacial and deep.

Track 2 starts a bit more quiet, it has a melody that gives to the track a very suspense feeling...groovy bassline, some psy morning sounds, very nice too.

Track 3 is more energetic and agressive, has some tunes a bit more to the dark side...groovy bassline, is the first one here that I think can be used more into the dark night hours.

Track 4 is more pacific and sunny again, has some psy tunes and some melodies more morning oriented...the only bad thing is that starts to be a bit boring because is very equal from the beginning till the end.

Track 5 is very playful and groovy, it has some psy sounds full of effects, coming in and out...it makes me remember some Oforia tracks.

Track 6 has a power and strong kick bassline, some psy tunes that gives a very spacial and digital mood...just a bit repetitive from the middle till the end.

Track 7 has a groovy bass, some mellow melodies taking you to some morning dancefloor...very atmospheric sounds full of effects, very nice.

Track 8 starts pacific and quiet...there are some solid melodies more fluffy mixed with others a bit more dark, allways with a strong bassline before.

Track 9 has a groovy bassline, with that rhythmic Perplex feeling...some morning sounds, a woman voice sample with effect, a great collaboration between the two :)

Of the three albuns from Spectrum, this one is absolutly my favourite, it has different music for different mind states, really nice one :)


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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