Tabernanthe 2 back to the roots


Author: Vedant
Date: Jul 13, 2006
Views: 2688

Back in the days of 1998, when Iboga Records launched its first compilation \"Tabernanthe\" from the headquarter in Copenhagen, it was a milestone in the rise of scandinavian progressive music.
It was compiled by Amon, Banel & Emok and marked a new era. Today it stands as a memorable first release on the now famous label.

Tabernanthe Vol. 2 - Back to the Roots - Marks a new era for the progression of the growing mexican scene in 2006, where veteran DJ Vedant has picked up the thread and talented mexican artists, mixed them with Iboga regulars and opened the new label \"Iboga Mexico\". Together with DJ Banel from Iboga Records, Vedant compiled \"Tabernanthe 2\", a wonderful collection of progressive music, showcasing the style of the two labels and a bunch of their inhouse artists.

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