The Ace Ventura adventure

Interview with Ace Ventura

Author: Sam
Date: Dec 11, 2006
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Date: 11.12.2006
Text: Katja Turpeinen

Sam:Hallo Yoni, how are you doing?

Ace: I’m very good man.

Sam: How is everything in Israel, do you have sunny weather?

Ace: Yes, it’s still sunny. It’s like beginning of the autumn; it already rained a few times but its still sunny everyday.
I would say something around 20 degrees Celsius. The winter here is very easy.

Sam: Cool. Do you like Jim Carrey films?

Ace: Yes, basically I like Jim Carrey and I think also that the first Ace Ventura was one of his best works but this is not the only reason why I call the project like this. My father’s real last name was Ventura, before he married my mom and changed this. Basically I had to choose a name quite in a hurry. I made a track that was going to get released on Iboga and everything moved faster than I thought and I really had to come up with a project name. This was the first thing that came up to me.

Sam: So your first production on Iboga, when was that?

Ace: This was in the beginning of 2005, I think in February. They released a compilation called Set: 4, which were compiled by Perfect Stranger aka BLT. This was the first progressive track I made actually. I was still in Psy-Sex when this track got released and it got really nice reviews from DJs. So this was the key for me to move on basically The name was Cardiac Arrest and basically Perfect Stranger who is a very good friend of mine, liked the track and then sent to the Iboga guys; they immediately liked it

Sam: Ok so why did you start to make progressive tracks?

Ace: Well I have been listening to progressive for many years, even when I was very into Full-on I still listened to progressive. But at some point, around 3 years ago I got tired of Full-on. Perhaps it has to do with age or that I’ve been many years into the Full-on scene but I found myself quite bored with it and it was very difficult to be in the studio. It’s no fun when you don’t go with the music and don’t feel good about it, so the result is not good then either. I tried to make one track and the flow was really nice so since then I decided to do only this.

Sam: Do Israelis like progressive trance?

Ace: Israelis definitely like progressive Trance. I think the last two years it has been a really big rise of progressive Trance in Israel. But its not only in Israel, its in other places in the world right now and I apparently chose the right timing to do the switch because the last two years you can really see the change. All the full-on party organizers who only had full-on before, they started to book at least one progressive act in their line up. During the week there is also many party’s with progressive and electro in the biggest places in Tel Aviv and on the beach.

Sam: In Germany progressive started probably 6 years ago or something. Why only now in Israel?

Ace: I don’t know, it’s hard to say. Its not that we didn’t have progressive before but there was just one or two organizations which really made some party’s and suddenly more promoters started to do this, more people got exposed to it. Also in Israel there is not that many progressive artists when you think about it and lately, like just 2 years ago, it started to change a bit. Projects like Aerospace and Yotopia started to really go strong and get international recognition. There is also a change of generation. Progressive is not just for “older” people but I think it has something to do with the age; when you hear trance for a long time, in the beginning when you go really into it, take out all your energies on the party’s and really go wild! As the years change, you get older first of all and second you get perhaps a little bored of hearing the same music, so you start to listen to a little bit slower and more groovy stuff. Music you easier can hear at home. Personally I think that progressive is much more “user friendly”

Sam: Do you know the 80´s act New Order?

Ace: Ha ha yes of course. Blue Monday.. At the time I was quite young but I was already into it back then.

Sam: Did you choose the name for the new compilation?

Ace: Actually it was a tip from a friend. “New Order” is the latest release from Hommega records, which is one of the biggest Full-on labels of the world, and it is a new order indeed - They never had a progressive release before.

Sam: And with “New Order” you go into progressive music and also a little bit into electro. That goes even further for Hommega doesn’t it?

Ace: Yes. There are no “pure” electro tracks or artists on the compilation but on the later part of the cd, there are more electro influences from NDSA, D-Nox & Beckers and Emok.

Sam: Besides this compilation, what is next for Ace Ventura?

Ace: I’m working on my debut album on Iboga, Don’t know the exact release date yet, but it will be out early next year. Other than that I will also be working on my electro project called SCHATSI and touring in Europe and south America.

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