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Hyperflow, December 2005

Author: pr0fane
Date: Jan 6, 2006
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Review by: Jannick Andersen // pr0fane

Artist: Various
Title: Lift Off - A Journey Into Psychedelia - compiled by Diogo
Label: Hyperflow
Format: CD (Jewelcase with standard 4-page inlay)
Released: December, 2005


After 5 years with progressive psytrance as the primary focus, the Portuguese label Flow Records, has entered a new era. While the main label Flow Records continue as before with Pena behind the wheel, two side labels has been opened: Flow Vinyl for progressive house releases on vinyl, and Hyperflow with psychedelic full on releases, with Pena collaborating with Diogo Gomes - also known as label-manager for the progressive house/trance label Feed Me Records.

The compilation \"Lift Off\" is the first release on Hyperflow, containing 9 tracks compiled by Diogo - tracks from both well-established artists, and a few upcoming producers.

01. Broken Toy - Uh Oh [144 BPM]
First track is from the South African artist Broken Toy, who previously this year released his debut album on Alchemy Records. The ICQ-inspired \"Uh Oh\" is another quite good tune from him, starting with some slightly corny ICQ-sounds and bouncy bassline, before kicking in with a mean, full-throttle pounding bassline in the middle section. Fine, joyful daytime track - although not the best from the Broken Toy.

02. Basic - Basic Technologies [145 BPM]
Basic is a rather new duo from Israel, with one of the members previously being involved in the duo Diablo. \"Basic Technologies\" is their 3rd release, and has a very bright and morning-oriented sound. The sound is also rather cheap and plastic-sounding to my ears though, it has a quite annoying repeated voice-sample, and I must say it didn\'t leave a big impression overall. One of the weaker tracks on the compilation.

03. Elec3 - Exchange [145 BPM]
Roman Brisker and Igal Magitman from Israel are starting to get noticed in the progressive house and trance circuits, but in the psytrance scene they are wider known under the name Elec3. Here they are featured with \"Exchange\", which is quite groovy (actually the groove is very similar to the one in their \"Lost Souls\" house-tune released on Digital Oracle earlier this year - pitched up to 145 BPM of course), yet still with a very energetic drive. Nice dance floor track.

04. ManMadeMan - Cromatic (2005 Edit) [145 BPM]
The UK duo ManMadeMan has been around almost since the beginning of the psychedelic trance scene, but I can\'t say it\'s an act that ever really appealed to me. The 2005 edit of \"Cromatic\" is an ok track though - it doesn\'t sound too generic, and contains a nice mix of the dark and the light; on one hand it\'s quite twisted, with noisy aggressive synths, but on the other hand bright pads and subtle uplifting melodies bring a hint of sunshine.

05. Bio-Tonic - Just A Dream (Black Series Pt2) [146 BPM]
With 3 album-releases on Solstice records, Bio-Tonic is definitely among the most prominent French acts on the psytrance scene. \"Just A Dream\" is apparently the 2nd track in their \"Black Series\", but I didn\'t find anything black about it to be honest - it\'s pure morning stuff, catchy, yet maybe a bit too heavy on voice-samples. Ok track, but doesn\'t really stand out in my opinion.

06. Aphid Moon - Protocol [145 BPM]
Aphid Moon was the man behind one of the most pleasant surprises on the full on scene for me this year, the album \"Global Culture\" released on Nano. \"Protocol\" is another great track from him, consisting of some really tasty and uplifting pads, some well-chosen, though overused \"I, Robot\" samples, and a really dance floor pleasing drive. Good stuff.

07. Man With No Name - String Theory [143 BPM]
The legendary Martin Freeland aka Man With No Name is up next with my personal highlight on the compilation. \"String Theory\" is basically your everyday Man With No Name track - an epic, engaging highly atmospheric tune with a totally relentless, straightforward drive, as this is completely devoid of those disturbing breaks every 30 seconds we\'ve come accustomed to in modern full on. This is pure high energy trance - marvellous.

08. Rinkadink And Mike Modular - Blacklight Star [145 BPM]
The wacko South African producer Rinkadink teams up with his countryman Mike Modular on \"Blacklight Star\". It\'s a bit more pumping than the last few tracks I\'ve heard from him, with less focus on the funk and humour, and more on the rolling bassline and energetic leads. It\'s still a great track though, and still has that liberating and not-to-serious Rinkadink touch, which, to me, is one of the strong points of his music.

09. Dizzy Mind ˆ Scream For More [145 BPM]
The final track is from one of Brazils most promising young talents, Dizzy Mind, and with releases on labels like Spun, TIP.World and Mind Control Records, he has already achieved more than most Israeli teenagers can only dream about. \"Scream For More\" has a very Spun-influenced sound to me, meaning cheesy \"hands-in-the-air\" hardtrance-like leads, which might go down well on a dancefloor, but doesn\'t really appeal to me. I also think the overused \"Fight Club\" samples where unnecessary, and overall the track didn\'t do much to me.

Bottom line:

With \"Lift Off\", Flows entry will surely be noticed by a lot on the full on scene. Like most of the releases on the flooded market at the moment, it\'s overall quite morning oriented, but the general quality of the tunes inside isn\'t as mediocre as the general market standard. For home listeners it\'s a fine release, but like most full on releases, it has better use on the dance floor, where it will surely be used by plenty of DJ\'s in the coming months.

Good release overall, yet it doesn\'t quite reach the same level as the best releases from labels like Nano, Neurobiotic, Exposure and Alchemy.


1, 3, 6, 7 (!!), 8




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