Tegma - Around The World In 80 Minutes

Tribal Vision, March 2006

Author: pr0fane
Date: Apr 21, 2006
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Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Dance N Dust Records)

Artist: Tegma
Title: Around The World In 80 Minutes
Label: Tribal Vision
Format: CD (Jewelcase with 10-page booklet and DJ-inlay)
Released: March, 2006


The two Sweden-based producers Omar Chelly and Jason Orfanidis have been making music as Tegma for roughly six years. Their first release was on the \"Folded View\" compilation on CreamCrop back in 2001, and since then they have released tracks on practically all the biggest progressive labels on the scene, such as Digital Structures, Iboga, Flow, Plastik Park, Plusquam, ZMA and Tribal Vision. Along the way they have also released 2 albums - \"Encoded/Decoded\" was released back in 2002 on Digital Structures, and the general response was very positive. Last year, in 2005, they took a step towards the more popular full on sounds on their second album \"002: Avant.Garde\", which was released on Candyflip.

Now they\'re ready with a 3rd album - the title is \"Around The World In 80 Minutes\" and - like the title suggest - it\'s a completely different direction compared to \"002: Avant.Garde\". The album is released by the new powerhouse label Tribal Vision Records, and like always the packaging is superb - from the classy artwork to the fat booklet and the useful DJ-inlay. But anyways - let\'s take a look (listen) to the music inside.

01. Our World [132 BPM]
The album starts with a long and beautiful intro that really has a nice atmosphere with some sweet female choir-pads. After the fine, but slightly overused \"The world is changed\" voice-sample from \"The Lord Of The Rings\", we\'re introduced to a delicious, tribal groove and overall \"Our World\" has a very organic feel with sweet melodies that tingle the senses. Amazing, slightly laidback opener.

02. Desert Tale [134 BPM]
The journey around the world really begins here - according to the booklet, \"Desert Tale\" was produced in May 2005 with the help of an Egyptian musician, and the Arabic influences are very distinct. It\'s more pumping and dancefriendly than the opener, and with some Arabic chants and classical intruments, but overall I didn\'t really connect to it.

03. El Mariachi [134 BPM]
Next, \"El Mariachi\" flies us to Mexico, and the Spanish/Mexican influences on this track work really, really well. The Spanish voice-samples and especially the hypnotizing guitar are perfectly blending with a really hard-hitting and pumping groove, and the subtle melodies take the track to the next level. Possibly one of the biggest dancefloor hits on the album.

04. Tribal Dancer [135 BPM]
\"Tribal Dancer\" is the first trip to Africa on the album, and it\'s yet another organic sound-experience. There is some very distinct use of voice-samples about the use of a so-called \"Flow-master\", and the African elements with the tribal percussion does work rather well with the pumping electro-ish groove. Good stuff.

05. Intermezzo
\"Intermezzo\" is a short (just over 2 minutes) break from the dancefloor stuff - according to the booklet it was originally meant as an intro for \"Desert Tale\", and like in \"Desert Tale\", it\'s a heavily Arabic influenced track. A fine intermezzo.

06. Drums Of Africa [136 BPM]
We go back to Africa on \"Drums Of Africa\", and it\'s a very thoughtful track. \"African music. Try to capture the spirit of African music. African music comes from a much deeper understanding of what music is - cause they invented it.\" - this dominant voice-sample is combined with African percussion, tribal chants and an underlying progressive trance sound that sounds like Tegma in their \"Encoded/Decoded\" days, and overall this track left a pretty strong impression on me.

07. A Night In Cairo [132 BPM]
\"A Night In Cairo\" is a trip back to the more oriental vibes, and I think the best way to describe it, is as a progressive version of Tikal. Generally it seems to have a quite similar vibe going on, but it also leaves the same impression as the last Tikal-album on me - it seems like they try too hard to get that oriental feeling, and thus it feels a bit over the top. Didn\'t like it.

08. I Wanna Be A Robostar [134 BPM]
After the organic, world-music section of the album, the last two tracks are more in an urban technoish direction. \"I Wanna Be A Robostar\" is a strong, upbeat tune with only a hint of oriental vocals, but a very solid groove, smooth big pads and very funky grooves. A bit similar to Ticon, but funkier and with a bit more edge - a stand out tune for sure.

09. Spooked [130 BPM]
The last tune on the album is \"Spooked\", and it goes even more into the electro/progressive house/progressive trance realm. It starts with a cool breakish intro, and slowly goes into a solid big-room progressive house/trance sound with clear similarities to stuff like Luke Chable. A great final tune, and as a very nice touch, it ends with the same \"The world is changed\" voice-sample from \"Lord Of The Rings\" they also used in the opening track.

Bottom line:

In only few months we\'ve been spoiled with two very organic and tribal progressive psytrance albums. First the Perfect Stranger album \"Learning = Change\", which was released on Iboga, and now the Tegma album \"Around The World In 80 Minutes\", released on Tribal Vision - comparing the two albums seems unfair though, as they have an entirely different approach. \"Around The World In 80 Minutes\" has a very strong concept with influences from all over the world, and for most part it\'s a great album, but there are times (track 2 and 7) where it, to me, feels like they took it a bit too far.

\"Around The World In 80 Minutes\" leaves a much better impression than the more full on influenced \"002: Avant.Garde\" though, and I consider it equally good as their 2002 debut \"Encoded/Decoded\". A very recommended album overall.


1 (!!), 3 (!!) 4, 6 (!!), 8 (!!), 9 (!!)




Tribal Vision Records: www.tribalvision.cz
Tegma: www.tegmatekk.com

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