Die Magie des Lichts / Spirit Fire

A Trance Musical

Author: sam
Date: Oct 27, 2005
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Die Magie des Lichts / Spirit Fire

A Trance Musical



Date: Oct 27, 2005
Text: Sam@Chaishop.com
: Roman Glaser, Ralph Larman


Spirit Fire or „Die Magie des Lichts“ (the german title) is a new dance musical that started some days ago in Cologne, Germany. And the amazing thing about it: It results from the core of the trance scene!

Prepare for amazing costumes, amazing decoration, full-energy dances, fireshows and effects – most of this arranged in blacklight and trance music and performed by beautiful dancers. The whole show is a lineup of different atmospheres and dances embedded into a story of the “spirit fire”. It shows the beginning of the world, the development of human kind, war and darkness and the return of the good. But what impressed me most is that director Marc Brouard (aka Phoenix Firedancer) and his crew managed to arrange the best of trance art in a way suitable for “normal people”. It shows that trance culture created an art that is not only understood by “trancers”. It gives other people the chance to experience a bit of our culture and maybe get inspired by it. And it’s a step for trance culture getting more mainstream and compatible, which is inevitable for the further development of our scene.

The music comes completely from the Austrian producer Talisien. He did a great job of composing tracks in many different styles for Spirit Fire. The French/German team Mae & Moa, well known from many trance parties, is responsible for the decoration. The costumes are by Leon Martin. The dancers are partly from the trance scene and partly professional dancers from other scenes. And last but not least Marc Brouard aka Phoenix Firedancer worked over hours for the past years on putting the show together.

Spirit Fire or „Die Magie des Lichts“ will perform in Cologne Hürth until January 2006. After that plans are not set yet.

See it if you can!





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