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Date: May 8, 2001
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may 08, 2001


In 1999 Psyburbia released their debut album 'carmageddon' worldwide through the UK's highly rated Matsuri Productions. This was accompanied by a 12" vinyl EP, and both releases sold out all copies, gathering extensive critical acclaim globally. Subsequently a track was also released on German label Nova Tekk's double CD compilation 'Nightflight' mid 2000. This release further augments Psyburbia's position as one of Australia's most successful electronic exports.

"great outdoor party feel.... nicely done!"
Urb, USA

"this really is the shit - going from mellow chilled material to full on breakbeat techno madness. If you are a chemical beat fan or techno head you really should check this out!"
Innerspace, Scotland

".... very solid .... Psyburbia is truly an electronic act that expands the consciousness"
WE Weekly, Canada

".... a dance floor magnet. . . . if our task were to build a decent DJ set this one would be featured ..."
Sonic Barrier, Belgium

Psyburbia began in 1997 as URB, a solo outlet for Ragewar's Baz. Lucinda was recruited to play keyboards live, and has co-written several tunes. After winning their way into the finals of a competition for new dance acts, URB released an EP (They come for the beats') on Angel's Trumpet. URB mutated into Psyburbia as the act started to rock main areas at events such as Earthcore and Reclaim the Streets, followed by appearances on the Sunblock, Earthcore and Hempsense compilations, Psyburbia placed two tracks on JJJ's Tweek' compilation, released 'carmageddon' on Matsuri, and programmed 3 hours of JJJ's 'mix-up'.
More compilations followed including Green Ant, Earthcore (again), SPL and Nova Tekk, as well as appearances at parties such as Every Picture Tells a Story and the Offshore festival. Psyburbia plays as often as possible and has played more free shows than anyone, exposing the music to people who would otherwise never hear electronica. The addition of live percussion to Psyburbia's 'pulsing psychedelic electronica' has created a unique dance floor assault and a growing legion of fans. Psyburbia's new release 'groove invaders' is out now on Creative Vibes.


Push Over, The Falls, Offshore. Big Day Out, Rainbow Serpent

Dance events:
Earthcore, Every Picture Tells a Story, Cyber Trek, Nocturnal, Trance Plant.

Punters Club. Revolver, Corner Hotel, Metro . . . and various roads!


They come for the beats (CD-EP) - Angels Trumpet
Carmageddon (CD-LP) - Matsuri Productions
Fossil Fools (12" EP) - Matsuri Productions
Groove Invaders (CD - LP) - Creative Vibes

Professional Test Record - Black Hole
Dirty Weekend - Earthcore
Hempsense Vol.1. - Hempsense
Sunblock - Ozone
Tweek - JJJ
Dirty Week - Earthcore
AmbiAnt Beatz - Green Ant
Impact - SPL
Nightflight - Nova Tekk

#5 Australian MP3 chart
#4 Neural Radio dance chart Italy
#5 BPM chart Melbourne
#5 Alchemy club chart
plus numerous club and magazine playlists spanning the globe

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