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Author: Juggler
Date: Aug 13, 2005
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PTX – Participate in the X-Periment
Bionics Records

Promotional Thread

PTX is Patrick Chen (1976). Patrick discovered Psychedelic Trance music at the age 18 while serving the Israeli army. Though his musical direction and background at the time was more focused on Rock and Alternative music, ever since hearing these fresh and remarkable sounds his main ambition was to produce some of his own.
At the age of 21 he set out on a trip to Asia, visited India and Thailand, places in which he begun to DJ for the first time.
1998-2001 Patrick lived in Japan working with Vision Quest later running the Vision Quest branch in Osaka. On his return to Israel he started his degree in Sound Engineering and moved to produce music under the name PTX. He continued to promote the scene and organizing local events together with the Bionics records crew.
PTX music is mostly Full On trance, fully equipped for the dance floor, bearing a powerful rhythm sections and loaded with psychedelic leads and sounds.
\"Participate in the X-Periment\" is his highly awaited debut album and contains mainly dance floor smashes.


1. Participate In The X-Periment
2. Who The DJ Is?
3. Better-Fly
4. Toxic Part of Town
5. Face It
6. Politically Correct
7. Bluetooth Generation
8. Wonderland
9. Outro Electro


After releasing tracks for some years, here is the debut album of PTX :)

Participate in the Xperiment starts the album very well and aggressive, the track has nice melodies, a groovy bass full of effects, good construction in general.

Who the Dj Is? – has a powerful kick, is a bit more psychedelic and aggressive than the first and has a sample doing remember a house track…the only bad thing here is that is a bit repetitive and boring.

Better-Fly present us with nice melodies, good psychedelic sounds and a sample that make you think you are dreaming :)

Track 4 – Toxic Part of Town – is my favourite here, it has a great progressive construction, very deep melodies, good rhythm all track long, all accomplished by a powerful kick.

Face It comes more slowly and more progressive, it has a very hard and strong kick bassline but it lost points because from the middle to the end starts to be repetitive.

Track 6 – Politically Correct – has a groovy and hard bass, nice and quiet melodies, some kind of digital hihats, ideal for morning time :)

Bluetooth Generation is my second favourite, is melodic and morning oriented, has a groovy and progressive bassline, the only thing I don’t like here is the sample with a vocal that seems a scream.

Wonderland restarts the psychedelic madness again (ihihih), has a nice and groovy bass full of good effects, nothing new…

To finish the album, we have Outro Electro – after 8 tracks of psychedelic mind blowing music, here comes a downtempo track, to relax and to dream with the next Ptx album :)

I’m very glad with this album because till now I never like very much any track from Ptx and now I can’t say it anymore…I expect to see in the near future Ptx doing a live at any party, it seems to be killer :)


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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