Various - Chronika Chapter 2 (Boshke Beats)


Author: Damion
Date: Jun 16, 2005
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Date: Jun 16, 2005
Text: Damion
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Vote: 9/10

Tony Rohr’s My Mind IS Going Dub is silky smooth techno, with only a slight funky twist, with samples from the HAL9000 in 2001 laid down over the top. Midimiliz’s One Point One has their characteristic rotational sound, and it’s lovely to have them back again. Spacey pads drive the midsection out into a seriously nice ethereal patch, before the beats become more intense and it staggers backwards. Utterly fantastic, I’m loving this at the moment. The Delta’s Hero FX gets a rework by The Rockitmen, and it’s a great bit of tech-trance crossover that ought to please even the most linear of non-wiggle plur-less troglodytes. Awash with vacuum sounds, is coasts along brilliantly with a hint of the eerie, and overall you’re constantly thinking that you’re listening to a damn clever piece of music. Likewise Midimiliz’s No Alibi, recorded here live at Transit, and a more complete set of sounds I don’t think I’ve heard. It fully sounds like it’s come down form space, with mad synths never normally associated with anything that gets under psyreviews’ peepers to write about. It’s a fucking delight, every layer here is perfectly placed against the rest, and the way it all moves is nothing short of stunning. And now to… I’m pausing here… build up the tension… possibly my favourite piece of music all year. Fuzzion’s City Limit is so damn simple, so damn loveable, so damn turn-the-fucker-up that I think I’m going to marry it. It’s that damn good, the kind of tune you’ll stumble on in a few years time and apologise to it incessantly for forgetting all about it. Smooth chords, gorgeous melodies, effortless progression, sublime simplicity, it all adds up to a killer fucking bit of dance music, no fucking questions fucking asked (fucking!). Midimiliz turn in a remix of X-Dream’s Intercorporal Stimulator, which doesn’t quite live up to the promise sugge sted by that combination of artists, but which still manages to be a skitty, morphy journey into the further reaches of the techno-end of psychedelic techno. Metalogic’s Irrational Impulse is great, and very different. More like funky breaks with a techno twist than anything else, it’s moochy and slightly sleazy, with an understated quality to it. Fuzzion pops up again, remixing Holeg Spies feat BakxIII’s Lost In Darkness… corker, in a word. Right from the start you know it’s going to be special, and it sort of sounds like X-Dream mixed with old Cass & Slide. The grooves here are great, it’s got a very hypnotic vibe to it and the cute suggestion of melodies coming up from inside are particularly effective. Taksi’s Matt Was Anderes is more straight techno-quirk, a great but odd record, which sounds almost like the amalgamated mulch of several different records all at once. Yay! Finally, things get uber sleazy with Triple Distilled vs Fuzzion’s Midnight Circulator, which wouldn’t sound out of place as the backing to a cold-steel thriller with someone like Ice-T creeping through a dark and rainy city… utterly awesome. If you enjoyed X-Dream’s We Interface then definitely check this; those less comfortable with a big, burly technoid sound may be better off elsewhere. But overall this is bloody impressive, the sounds are so unique and so fresh that it’s the sort of thing you want to spend an entire evening listening to.

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