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Jester Records, April 2006

Author: pr0fane
Date: Apr 21, 2006
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Review by:
Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Dance N Dust Records)

Artist: Various
Title: Rewired - compiled by DJ Clown
Label: Jester Records
Format: CD (Jewelcase with standard 4-page inlay)
Released: April, 2006


The techtrance scene has always (with a few exceptions) been somewhat in the background of the full on, progressive and minimal scenes, and with only a few labels left, new releases are quite rare. A new label has just been launched though - based in Montreal, Canada and started by DJ Clown, Jester Records will try to bring back the hard, relentless techtrance sound to the listeners and more importantly - the dance floors.

The first release from the new label is \"Rewired\", a compilation with no less than 12 tracks - 6 of them from Canadian artists like Nuclear Ramjet, DJ Preach and Axiomata, and 6 tracks by international well-known acts like Spirallianz, Triac and Three Point Turn/Authentik.

01. DJ Preach - Oxygen Enhanced [135 BPM]
First out is Canadian DJ Preach - perhaps not a household name in psytrance circuits, but a well-known name on the techno scene. \"Oxygen Enhanced\" is an interesting tune, crossing solid techno beats with a more house-oriented groove and bright, positive melodies. A great track - not exactly what I was expecting to find on a techtrance release, but an interesting way to open the compilation.

02. Nuclear Ramjet - Down The Wall [134 BPM]
Nuclear Ramjet is one of the most well-known Canadian names on the psytrance scene, having 3 full-length albums (one of them, \"Mission To Sedna\" released just recently) since 1998. \"Down The Wall\" is typical techtrance production - the atmosphere is cold and dark, with spooky orchestral pads, hard and precise percussion, and a few french voice-samples thrown in for good measure. Good track, although not among the best from Nuclear Ramjet.

03. Three Point Turn - Klush Kingdom [136 BPM]
The French duo Three Point Turn was almost long forgotten - after their 2 albums released around the millennium they haven\'t really released anything, but Jester has brought back the once popular act. \"Klush Kingdom\" is quite a disappointment to me though - hard, dark and with serious attitude, but also a bit too much in my opinion. It really got on my nerves.

04. Kali-Frogz - Dismembered [135 BPM]
Kali-Frogz is a duo from France, known for some appearances in both chillout and techtrance circuits on compilations from Horns & Hoofs, Peak and Agitato. \"Dismembered\" has a more upbeat, bouncy groove than the distinct drive in the previous 2 tracks, and combine it with some haunting, industrial sounds, you end up with a pretty nice track overall.

05. Triac - Versa [138 BPM]
\"Versa\" is by the Israeli duo Triac, who have a full-length debut album set for release any day now - one of the members is also known for his progressive soloproject Morax. \"Versa\" has distinct influences from the German X-Dream/The Delta/Midimiliz/Spirallianz posse, and even though it only runs for little over 6 minutes, it is very hypnotic and likeable. Nothing new, but a good track overall.

06. Tao Vs. Metalogic - Irrational Impulse (4x4 Mix) [138 BPM]
Tao and Metalogic, both from Canada, are up next with a collaboration remix. \"Irrational Impulse\" was originally on Metalogics \"Magnetic Influence\" album, released last year on Boshke, and this is a 4x4 mix. That name is a bit misleading though, as this is more in the break beat territory - very pounding and hard-hitting break beat that is. Cool and interesting track.

07. Authentik - Les 3 Machines [139 BPM]
Authentik is the sideproject of the old Three Point Turn act, and like their first contribution to this compilation, this also got on my nerves. The orchestral pads are pretty nice, but generally the track is way, way too aggressive and high-pitched for my delicate ears. Didn\'t like it.

08. Spirallianz - Bp Talk [142 BPM]
The German act Spirallianz/Midimiliz is undoubtedly one of the biggest techtrance acts around, and \"Bp Talk\" doesn\'t disappoint. It starts with some troubling voice-samples of kids, which gives associations to The Deltas techtrance classic \"Pop\", and develops into a full on techtrance monster of a track, with an abundance of delicate soundtricks. Definitely one of the biggest highlights on the compilation.

09. Tao - Pacific Intervention [138 BPM]
Up next is the first solo-release by Tao Nguyen from Canada, and what a debut. \"Pacific Intervention\" has the tough task to follow Spirallianz, but does a very good job - pounding big-room techtrance with spooky organs and a relentless drive that\'ll cause some serious dancefloor carnage. Definitely one of my personal highlights on the CD.

10. Hidra - Fixed [140 BPM]
Hidra is another Canadian newcomer, appearing with the track \"Fixed\". It does start out pretty promising with a catchy groove, but unfortunately it seems too stuck in the same loop, and in the long run (even though it doesn\'t even run for 6 minutes) it gets too annoying and nerve-racking for me. More variety, and this could have been quite good.

11. Axiomata - New Normal (Remix) [140 BPM]
Axiomata is one of the more well-known Canadian acts, who has made his mark on the techtrance scene with a couple of releases on Maniac I.Q and his own label Cold Groove. \"New World (Remix)\" is a bit of a disappointment though - nice production, but I found the track too fast and with way too messy and stressful percussion.

12. Toltech - Codigo Rojo [138 BPM]
Last but not least the compilation is closed by yet another track by a Canadian newcomer, Toltech. \"Codigo Rojo\" is quite a promising debut from Toltech - despite running at 138 BPM, it has a quite lazy feel, and the atmosphere is deep and synthetic, with pads ranging from bright to raw and dirty. A great tune overall.

Bottom line:

\"Rewired\" is a fine debut from Jester Records. It has a quite diverse selection of tunes ranging from techtrance to techno and even a slight hint of house - I personally didn\'t like all of it, but some of the tunes did leave a really big impact, and although I don\'t play a lot of techtrance, this CD will certainly be in my case for a while. It\'s not the best compilation to come out this year, but if you\'re a die-hard techtrance fan, this release is pretty much essential, as there is so little new techtrance on the market at the moment.


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