The Trancers Guide To The Galaxy 2005 is ready!

Author: Sam
Date: Apr 2, 2005
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mushroom's and Chaishop's worldwide trance travel guide hits the streets!

YEAH - it\'s done!!!

The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2005 is printed and the first 10,000 copies are beeing shipped to about 2,000 destinations worldwide in these days. We\'re very happy of the result! On 64 pages 38 authors from 30 countries are telling you all you need to know about Trance Culture worldwide! Read more below or see the preview at

You can buy the Guide now - check our Sales Points Page at for the most convenient shop! Also we\'re still looking for Shops to sell the Trancers Guide all around the world. Shops should place an order on our Shop Info Page .

Also the Trancers Guide Compilation is coming along fine. We expect release by middle of April. (read more below)

The Trancers Guide Crew

The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy Magazine

It\'s done – the second edition of your Trance Travel guide! It contains articles by 38 authors from 30 countries telling you about trance history, parties, shops, artists, labels and connections. It shows sightseeing highlights, meeting points and gives some insights into national politics. It is spiced up with amazing photos as well as short artist interviews. And it comes this time in a new sexy format ;-) (12x12cm) and with 64 full-color pages!

After the great feedback we got on the last edition (thanks!) we put all our energy into the 2005 edition – and again received amazing support from contributors worldwide. We acquired content for 37 countries but didn’t have enough space to publish all of this in the magazine so we had to make the unpleasant decisions which countries to leave out. Doing so we tried to be as fair as possible but you can never please everyone – at least you will find these additional countries later on our website.

You see – trance is alive and kicking! In some countries the scenes consolidate, in some they grow but only very rarely they shrink – and if so it’s due to political reasons. We’re in the best times of our culture and you find every trance development stage somewhere on our planet. The Trancers Guide wants to support development, cultural exchange and travel of the worldwide trance community!

Parallel to the Trancers Guide magazine we are releasing the first Trancers Guide Compilation in cooperation with Millennium Records in April 2005. It comes as a Double-CD in a box together with the magazine and contains 20 killer tracks from 20 different countries. You\'ll find more info below!

Last but not least we want to say thanks to all the contributors, advertisers, distributors and readers – without you this magazine would not have been possible!

If you like the Trancers Guide - please support it and the trance scene so we can continue our work! Buy the magazine at the distributors who paid for it, send us feedback and tell your friends! If you’re interested in helping in distribution please contact us. Contributions for the next Issue are welcome!


The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy Compilation

Additionally to the Trancers Guide Magazine we compiled the Trancers Guide Compilation!

and the mushroom crew activated all their contacts to collect 20 absolute killer psychedelic and progressive tracks from 20 different countries! The compilation features names like Ticon, Jaia and Salaris (Sangeet & Mullekular) on the progressive side as well as Mekkanikka, Alternative Control and 2Hi (Marcello V.O.R. & Vibra) on the psychedelic side.

The Double CD comes in a special box together with the Trancers Guide magazine. In the magazine you will find profiles of all artists in the relevant country-sections.

Fly with us though this galaxy’s future soundscapes of psychedelic and progressive trance sound alchemists!

Psychedelic CD

1.    Kybalion - I’m an Alien (Austria)
2.    Mukunga Umbura - Wake-up (Brasil)
3.    2Hi (Marcello V.O.R. & Vibra) - Slick Move (UK)
4.    Alternative Control - Sub Marine (Serbia)
5.    Mekkanikka  - Bienvenido al Futuro (Spain)
6.    Psypsiq Jicuri - Solutions (Chile)
7.    Karmachanic’s  - Psyflute (Japan)
8.    Lani - Lost in Venice (Belgium)
9.    Drugon - Funny Noise (RMX) (Israel)
10.    Red Eye Express – Song for Alex (Australia)

Progressive CD

1.    Parrket - Enjoying the Sunscroll (Croatia)
2.    D-Tector – Tonic (Portugal)
3.    Rai – This is Original (Czech)
4.    Jaia – Orchestra Two Point Zero (France)
5.    4 Winds Circle – Overtones (Mexico)
6.    Ticon – Spin Cycle (Sweden)
7.    Igneous – Stay with us (Greece)
8.    Salaris (Sangeet & Mullekular) – Fresh Breeze (Germany)
9.    Psypilot – Psychedelic Music (Switzerland)
10.    Bluetech – Condensation (Canada)

The Trancers Guide Compilation will be released by middle of April.

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