Kemonoid - Squishy Fish (Digital Diamonds)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Dec 6, 2009
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Over there at Digital Diamonds, the dudes just lauched their probably best release ever, at least it heavily kicked my ass:


 Squishy Fish by Kemonoid is a strong Techno track, serving loaded, tricky percussions, a nasty bassline and all together a very hypnotic drive. Also quite a pinch of flirring psychedelic sounds is included, the cineastic pad sounds in the last third of this tune remind the good old days of Midimiliz. The remix by Kemonoid's Hungarian compartriot Trevor McGregor shows up in a slightly reduced and more functional manner but no doubt: Also this one is a definite dance floor banger! Both tracks can be sorted best into the rare drawer of Psychedelic Techno. Phantom on the "flipside" of this digital EP is a drastic loss of pressure compared to the brilliant two tracks mentioned: Again and again I am astonished, how many people still regard those outworn Bleep Techno sounds bedded on way too skinny basslines and kicks that only work at 120 decibel to be cool... Anyway, Squishy Fish is a definite top pick and being released under the creative commons license, it is available for free both in 320 kbit MP3 and even WAV format at the label's site!


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