Fearsome Engine - The Fearsome EP (NANO Digital)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Aug 26, 2009
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Well, this one looks very promising: Psy Trance grandmaster Tristan and proved and tested Laughing Buddha team up for the project “Fearsome Engine”… The name reminds me a little bit combos like Obituary or Napalm Death, which stand for rock-hard death metal, but I guess that is normal in the “Dark days”.


To mention it right at the beginning: This release is not Dark at all. At least not in the sense most of us would describe Dark. New Horizon starts with a great, Full On styled bassline and some classical Psy Trance samples, which instantly remind the so called “good old days”. This impression is massively enforced when a spacy vocal sample is send through a whole cascade of sound effects and a melody is filtered in that truly deserves the attribute Goa. Great tune- definitely kicks ass! When the melody expands to a sharp acid lead, I am finally blissful. So let’s have a listen if Beyond Imagination on the virtual flipside keeps this amazing vibe. And… yes, it totally does! Powerful bass line again, strong lead synth and heaps of original Psy Trance flair.

Two thumbs up for this EP which brings back the sounds I fell in love with more than 10 years ago but on an up-to-date production level!



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