Hujaboy - The Fact EP (Bionics Records)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Sep 13, 2010
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Modern, independent, ass-kicking. Yes sir, I like it!



Artist : Hujaboy
Title : The Fact
Label : Bionics Records
Management : Bionics Records
Format : Digital
Teritorry : Worldwide
Release Date : 9/20/2010
File Under : Psy Trance
Cat Number : BIOEP02





Three tracks, three different moods and atmospheres on this digital EP. And somehow this dudes manages to merge oldschool elements and contemporary ones into a really own style that could be described as techy but -GO ON READING, YOU PSYCORE NERDS OUT THERE!- in a totally different way than most of the Progressive and even Full On producers do today. The Core somes in a sleek and reduced manner, its bass line clearly reminds oldschool Psy Trance productions but in includes the pressure of a contemporary production. A perfidously psychedelic thunderstorm stirs up and finally unloads in this track, the techy moment does not evolve from the usual click-click - bing-bong sounds but rather from a certain straight, hard rhythmic edge. This characteristic is also taken up in The Fact, a track with a modern side-chain compressed bassline but also lots of flirring psychedelic sounds and melody entries on it, all together more loaded. The Flower finally represents the final climax of this EP and is the probably most oldschool-styled track on it.

Conclusion: A very own school of sound, merging contemporary and oldschool elements in an independent way and going without stereotypes and typical  concepts of "Nu School" Psy Trance.Further more a compliment for the humorously written biography I found included in my promo, self-irony is unfortuately way to rare in this otherwise so happy scene!

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