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Author: Juggler
Date: Mar 3, 2005
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Den Kozlov – Digital Shamanism (Optica Records)

Promotional Thread

Optica Records presents
Currently the new album “DEN KOZLOV - DIGITAL SHAMANISM” is being released on an independent record label Ajuca Productions (Optica Records - release date October 2004). The style of the music is ELECTRO-INDUSTRIAL; it is a mix of the urban electro rhythms with pure ultra-modern club sound. The examples and one-minute previews are available online at the address:


1. Atman Imagination
2. The Look at You
3. Time Is Nothing
4. Tear of Thought
5. Loneliness
6. Digital Shaman
7. Heartbeat In Front Of Unknown
8. Imaginary Paradise
9. Emotional Resonance
10. Freedom from Knowledge
11. Gliding


It\'s the first thing I\'m going to hear anything done by Den Kozlov, I know that he is from Moscow but he is more well known just from the period when he went to London in 1999...we have too a bonus cd recording live... :)

Track 1 has some nice percussion, expanding and futuristic break beats, some morning and quiet sounds in the back, the perfect track to alarm you that this album is going to be ideal for a great relaxing experience…

Track 2 is another break beat track; it has some piano notes that sounds really good and can take you into a trippy dream state with small difficult…this track has some nice melody too, I’m anxious to listen it on a summer festival chill out stage…

Track 3 “Time is nothing” is one of my favourites of “Digital Shamanism” - it has a great groovy bass and hi hats, a sample with a beautiful and melodious woman voice saying “It’s a beautiful day” that gets inside your head and skip away your problems :)

Tear of thought is more one great piece of electronic music…it’s a bit slower (around 100 bpm) and has a more straight bass line…it has too a woman’s voice singing around the break beats around circles…some industrial sounds like in all music from Den Kozlov…

Track 5 is a bit more classic and less urban; it has a so down and quiet melody that starts to be a little depressive…but we know it already from the start because of his name, I think that people suffering from lonelyness doesn’t want to hear it…

Digital Shaman is the most boring and repetitive track on the album, it has some jazz feelings mixed with a drum’n’bass atmosphere, quiet good, the only bad thing is that it’s a bit equal all track long…

Track 7 brings power to bpm number to 149, ‘drumming and basing’ all track long, with a quiet melody in back…this track is a bit too repetitive but the melody is so relaxing that you just don’t see the time passing up…

Track 8 starts calm with a nice percussion tune and some quiet bird sounds…at the middle of the track the breakbeats comes with power and goes till the end together with a nice melody in it.

Track 9 is a great down and ambient track, just relax…it has a floating melody all track long, that can put you on a beach, a desert, anything with sand and wind…at 4m30s we are taken by a magical carpet in a flying trip just around breakbeats, relaxing atmospheres, great one :)

The last track named Gliding is more electro styled, it has a downtempo beat, some psychedelic tunes together with a melody, some times with an aggressive sounds…at 9m19s we wins a hidden track, ideal to finish the album, with a melody that goes inside your head doing remember that it is one hour in the future and it just seems that passed 10 minutes!

After this hour of great music we are congratulated with one more hour, this time a live recording from St. Cyprian Church in London.


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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