Mantik - Hehlerware EP (Planet BEN Techno)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Aug 26, 2009
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The one or the other might remember these two dudes from this year’s VuuV festival, where they performed some proper dance floor damage or from their extraordinary track on Plastik Park. Now Mantik are back to present catalog number one of Planet Ben’s new sublabel for Nu School Progressive Trance and technoid stuff, carrying the simple and distinct name Planet Ben Techno.

The title track Hehlerware starts of with a very, very minimal atmosphere and in fact not too much happens within the first minutes. The usual bleep sound get accompanied more and more by hypnotic, sucking sounds and some deep pads, only in the last third the track gains some driving force by percussion entries. All together a little skinny for my taste. Krummes Ding is also pretty minimal but still this one is kind of other cup of tea. A very psychoactive tea, definitely! Deep melodies and twisted, though decent percussion sounds built up more and more to disappear suddenly in an absolute break. From the silence a nasty bass line evolves, modulating and pulsing and mixing up perfectly with the deep sound scapes that return from the first half with the beat. Finally Schurke is the probably most driving track on this digital EP, with a phat, modulating bass line that tickles hidden areas of the consciousness, rather strong percussions and a wicked kind of hypnotic monotony make this one my favourite track on this release.

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