Eitan Reiter - Ups & Downs (Iboga Records)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Aug 26, 2009
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This is one of the tracks I was really looking for: I first heard it in a DJ set by D-Nox in December 2007 (no, this is no typing mistake!) and instantly fell in love with it. But I could not figure out what this amazing piece of music was back then. Only in May I heard it again, when Emok played at OV Silence Summer Opening in Hamburg. And so here it finally is!

01 - Eitan Reiter - Us & Downs

02 - Eitan Reiter - Us & Downs (Perfect Stranger Remix)

03 - Eitan Reiter - Us & Downs (Andrea Bertolini Remix)



For me this piece of music is one of the strongest evidents for the conversion of Trance and up-to-date Techno / Tech House music and also one of the most felicitous examples for New School Progressive Trance. That wonderful, little, delayed melody sticks into one's head right when it hits in the first time. The original features a climax that is unparalelled, playing around with the single elements and layering them up to an absolute climax, which is simply pure ecastasy. The actual beat structure and tempo are rather decent and unobtrusive, so if this one is not made for the head and therefore truely deserves the attribute Trance music, I dont know. The first remix comes from Perfect Stranger, who is the most talented and innovative artists in the Global Progressive Trance scene since quite some time in my opionion. So it is no surprise that his interpretation keeps the extraordinary high quality of the orginal, remaining pretty close to it but still adding his characteristic, innovative style. Last but not least there is another remix by Andrea Bertolini available on this release, which comes around with much more superficial beats and rhythmic elements, aiming the body much more. Not a bad track but compared to the two others pretty usual and therefore by far not that spectacular.

All together a very remarkable release that will most probably go to my all time top picks!


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