Max Pollyull - Movement Of The Elephant EP

Author: Roberdo
Date: Sep 13, 2010
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Dark, deep and in this respect really wasted- this is my overall impression of this newest digital EP on Horns and Hoofs Entertainment. Music that should be played at high volume on a big sound system, preferable under a nightly sky. Or also at late afterhours...


Artist/Title: Max Pollyul "Movement of Elephant EP"
Label: Horns and Hoofs Entertainment
Catalogue no: HHDG016
Format: WAV and 320MP3
Style: Techno/ Progressive
Mastering: Volker Jakubzik, Sonic HQs Freiburg
Cover Artwork: Inga Burina
Release date: September 09 /2010 - Worldwide
Distributed by:





Max Pollyull developed a very minimal sound and rhythm arrangement around the trippy, ringing, pinging and always modulating main theme. Somehow this track perfectly represents the highly psychedelic qualities of minimalist music: Focusing on single sounds, their dimensions and their brilliance creates a very subtle and hypnotic effect, indeed the sounds itself seem to include an intoxicating moment. Also Deto refers to this very principle though the wobbling bass line and the percussions of his mix create a little more forward thrust. The two Alic dudes keep it fresh and deliver some inspiring broken beats somewhere between the dance floor and a still stimulating Chill Out / Down Beat for their interpretation of “Movement Of The Elephant” while remaining close to the deep atmosphere of the original. The version of Dunaewsky69 sounds like the elephant got a proper dose of ketamine into his snout, an insanely twisted bass line and extremely trippy atmosphere make this track not only one of the deepest ones on this digital EP but also one of my favourites. Finally also Triple Distilled’s remix is deep and trippy as it can be but this one represents no dance music but a cinematic sound collage, highly interesting stuff for Psychedelic Chill Outs or daring, experimental sessions with certain substances…

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