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Author: Roberdo
Date: Jul 24, 2009
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The two dudes from North Germany about their haircuts in their youth, their first experience with producing and why their music is special.

Haircut style in your early puberty?
 Till: "Rostockmatte" wich means short in the front and long in the back but please don't tell anybody ;) 
Arne: Experiments with hair-gel. Wanted to impress the girls. Failed.
First CD / Vinyl you bought?
Arne: 4 Non Blondes - Bigger, Better, Faster, More Album
Till: Europe - the final countdown or some 2 unlimited tracks. Cant remember what was first 
First contact with electronic dance music?
Arne: Without doubt the radio playing '80 dance-pop: Visage, Depeche Mode - stuff like that. The first Dj teaching me how to dance was Sven Dose (playing Trance). Got addicted! 
Till: I listened to different styles of music since i can think, but some first contacts was in the beginning of the '90s. I organized some partys with classmates and we tryed to dj  all what was famouse for that Time. Later i visited my first technoparty and from this moment i was hocked.

First experience with producing electronic dance music?
Arne: I got a copy of X-Tracker for MS-Dos and also a few Samples. That was the beginning, I was around 15 years old.
Till: I think it was in the beginnig of 2000. I bought a "Yamaha RM1X" groovebox and tried to cover my influences from the last partys i visited. From this point nothing couldnt stop me, waisting my time with producing electronic dance music.

Favorite drink?
Arne: Depends on the situation but a good chai is hard to beat!
Till: Coffee, jägermeister, gin tonic . But this changes often ;)

Biggest compliment for you so far?
Arne: Crowd reaction on Beauty and the Beat playing "Stammhaus" at a famous festival.
Till: Difficult question! I think it was as Ben Calls me if im interested signing on his Label.

What was your biggest fuck up as a musician?
Arne: Creative nonsense. Disorientation. Deep Frustration. Just a usual musicians experience you need to go through.
Till: We had a livegig and i forgot the powersupply for the Laptop. We had a full battery, but i had to Switch of the Display 1000 Times to save energy. That was my biggest fuck up, I hadnt known if this would work. But it worked :) 

What was your most amazing experience as a musician?
Reaching the point where dancefloor follows our sound to anything possible. This Fusion of the crowd and us is the most amazing experience.

Who did you have your last phonecall with?
Arne: My Mother - she is going to come over here and we will have a dinner together.
Till: To a friend to borrow his kiteboard because I broke mine one day before. 

Why is your sound worth listening?
Every track got something special to say. We try to create something unique. We don't try to copy styles. We are up to create it. 

Best album during the past 12 months?
Till: I really enjoyd the last Extrawelt album, but there was many more like Ben Klock or Gui Barotto ...
Arne: "One" from Ben Klock. Very interesting way of mixing.

What are you looking forward to now?
Producing more tracks, surprising ourselfes, having fun making music! Our next releases: 2 EPs on the new sublabel "Planet B.E.N. Techno". The first EP "Hehlerware" includes 3 tracks wich we present @ the VuuV for the first time. Second EP is "Schelle" including 2 remixes of Duca & Tapwatr.

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