Spliff Music

Roppongi Dreams

Author: Juggler
Date: Feb 4, 2005
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Spliff Music “Roppongi Dreams”

Promotional Thread:

Roppongi Dreams is a limited edition Cd......it contains 10 previously unreleased psy dance floor bombs from finest artists of the scene, all around the globe. The Cd has tastes of all psy full on colours, happy, dark metal, tense and many others.

Some people might say: \'smells like teen spirit in the air\'. But it won\'t be long till all of the artists performing here, will be on top of most killer charts. And don\'t forget, its Limited Edition... only available in Europe.

Track list:

1. Silence Hill - Trasspass Into

2. Elec3 - Suborder

3. Alternative Control - In the club

4. Tox - Respect

5. Theoreme - Hin

6. Miditec - Impulse

7. Jirah - Star Electra

8. Orbital vision - Sensetive

9. Gataka, Apocalipse & Amfibia - Become One (System Nipel Remix)

10. Ibojima - Higher Energy


For me it’s definitely the first great surprise of 2005…

Silence Hill starts the compilation in a very quiet and groovy mode…it has some quiet morning melodies, the kick is also pacific…this track is good but I just don’t like much the vocals here…

Elec3 slows the beat per minute to 140 and presents us with a more progressive track at first minutes…it has some nice psy sounds and melodies, a power and dark kick bass line…I think it’s a good one to choose for finishing a night dj set.

Alternative Control – In the Club is another masterpiece, like all the others done by this project…it have a great morning feeling, great melodies, groovy bright tunes and always a power bass line taking us to a lightest beautiful trip to somewhere else!

Tox – Respect is one of my favourites of this Roppongi session…it has a beautiful melody that with eyes closed can take you from your studio or bedroom to a big open air summer festival with all people smiling to each other :) this melody has a deep groove on it, I can’t explain, you have to listen :)

Theoreme – Hin has a power kick, seems to be progressing to nowhere, and has some sounds that reminds a bit of a techno track…groovy bass, I would like to listen it at a party soon…

Miditec give us an ultra excellent track, it has a hard kick and hi-hats that together gives a big power on the speakers…great melodies too, very “digital”…I hope that I can listen much more tracks by Miditec…

Jirah – Star Electra is a great morning hit surely…groovy bass, quiet and well constructed melodies, some bright vocals, nice psy sounds, I don’t know much more Jirah stuff but this track is going to rock :)

Orbital Vision has like almost other tracks on this compilation a great morning feeling…great melody, all involved with quiet psy sounds, calm kick bass line, made this track a great journey to the listener.

System Nipel Remix of Become One is in my opinion the best version of the track…it’s groovy, it’s bright, it’s quiet, calm, it have sense, and to complete this it has the beautiful psy sounds that are on the original version…great one :)

To finish, Ibojima – Higher Energy, one more quiet music for the morning, all with deep sounds and tunes excellent choice to finish the compilation.

In general, very nice compilation, just great morning tunes, almost tracks are very calm, quiet and pacific…I think this compilation is going to work very good on the next summer open-air festivals, until there, I give it 9/10 :)

Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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