Psychedelic downgrade in Germany

Author: Roberdo
Date: Jul 21, 2009
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Downgrading is a pretty unfamiliar issue in our society constantly growing faster, bigger, and better. The concept is kind of uncomfortable for us; simply because it usually means a loss of convenience. But just like every wave in the ocean builds up, climaxes, and ebbs away; it is necessary to follow this natural rule: To downgrade from time to time. So, while the German Trance scene is currently abating, this does not mean that there are no exciting new things happening here.

The current changes are most striking when looking at the festival landscape: Two years ago VooV Experience turned to VuuV Festival which adapts to reduced numbers of visitors by reduced size. The other rock of German Psy Trance festivals, Antaris Project, announced that this year is the last edition (after a 15 year long history). Another very special festival has already disappeared from the map this summer: Tshitraka made itself a name as THE festival for Progressive Trance, presenting extraordinarily wicked line-ups. After the promoters went into the red massively last year, it will not take place any more.


While some of the classic, big festivals have to downgrade these days, a pretty fertile underground scene is evolving again. It brings about lots of small and medium sized outdoor parties. Though not having such massive line-ups, these events feature the original freaky and very familiar atmosphere of Trance festivals. It’s really worth watching out for these ones!


Not being a phenomenon typical for Germany alone, the musical development can be described as a kind of reduction: The ongoing trend towards Techno and Minimalism means a decrease of speed and psychedelic elements in Progressive Trance, also well established artists like Audiomatic or labels like Spintwist deliver technoid sounds nowadays. In consequence some people changed the scene completely and attended pure Techno parties, which in turn increased. However, that is only one side of the medal: While some get slower and slower, others crank up the speed: Dark Psy keeps up a very psychedelic atmosphere and its devotees fulfil the dread-locked, chillum-smoking freak cliché- if anything- most. And Dark Psy is getting more and more popular; many of the big festivals present an extra floor this year, and pure Dark Psy events like Psychedelic Wonderland or Psycrowdelica emerge.


Although downgrading summarises what is going on in terms of the big scene, there are still very interesting things happening in Germany. Both, big festivals and underground events are worth visiting. If you are travelling by car, be aware that there is a lot of drug screening going on. Especially surrounding the Trance parties. And make sure you do not miss the excellent German “3B”: Beer, Bread and Bratwurst!

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Taken from Psychedelic Traveler, the new global scene magazine and Trance Wiki!

Author: sergiaddharma / Date: 10.10.2009 12:28:07

yes, Roberdo, you right :) nice article :) boom

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