Goa - 20 Years of Psychedelic Trance is out now in German!

Author: TomRom
Date: Dec 22, 2010
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The first book about the history of the scene, written by the scene.

41 authors, 38 photographers, 650 photos, pictures and art-work in 36 chapters - plus a fluoro-hardcvover. The first book about the Psytrance scene - written by well-known freaks and activists from around the globe - is finally out in Dec 2010. 280 pages full of history, music, labels, cyber-tribes, spirituality, ecology, people, culture, deco and art since the Goa movement has started. The book provides also an overview to the country's scenes and festivals in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Russia, Israel and more and comes along with a DVD "20 Years of Psytrance" produced by Psynema (El Geko/BuzzT). More information: www.nachtschatten.ch/goabook (in German and English). The English edition will come out in 2011. Orders of the German and English version at info@nachtschatten.ch for EUR 39,80 (book and DVD).

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