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Project Sun Dew

Author: Juggler
Date: Jan 20, 2005
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Beyond Logic Records “Project Sun Dew”

Promotional Thread:

This Beyond Logic release is a new and powerful compilation of intense psytrance creations, with an objective of freeing minds and altering perceptions, enhancing the trance dance experience with earth-shattering beats and mind-bending tweaks by some of the best psytrance artists of the world.
Project Sun Dew is the culmination of works by the forerunners of psytrance from across the globe, coming together to create the perfect dawn. The artists have been working repeatedly, revisiting their work in a constant process of renewing fresh new sounds from our cosmos and beyond. Project Sun Dew is all set to give you the perfect experience of an orange BOOM!!!

Track list:

1 - TWISTED SYSTEM - Our Temple
2 - PHYX - Ultragothic
3 - STOMP - Atom in Molecules Shadow
4 - MENOG - Abhilasha
5 - SHIFT - Checkpoint
6 - ANAX - Nothing Can Stop Me
7 - WINTER DEMON vs. TOXIC - Dancelution
8 - NEUROMOTOR - The F Track
9 - GROUND ZERO - Beyond Logic


When I saw Beyond Logic Records, I feel happy to see that India has more one label from his side…I expect that you can bring felicity to people that suffer from such big catastrophe like a Tsunami!

Track 1 starts the compilation in the more aggressive way; Twisted System gives us a hard bass line, very psychedelic tunes, like they always do.

Phyx “Ultragothic” starts with an atmospheric and deep “melody”, time to breathe from “Our Temple”, but then it wins some kick and some psy sounds that cut your breathe again :) For me is the best track I listen from Phyx till now, great one :)

Stomp “Atom in Molecules Shadow” (such a big name:)) is totally psychedelic…for me it’s a bit boring because the entire track has so psychedelic tunes that when I finish to listen it I thanks to god :) but this is because my trance style is a bit one less psychedelic, because to which ones that likes more this aggressive and psy side of trance I think it’s a well done track, with good construction and great psy sounds and I think that definitely this track is going to destroy dance floors at night.

Track 4 is from the Portuguese producer Dani, under his artistic name Menog; together with the last track from Ground Zero is the most slowly track on this compilation…it has amazing deep sounds and some great melodies…all with a great kick…I liked this one !

Track 5 is one of my preferred on the compilation…is a bit less aggressive, has some nice and quiet melodies, all the track is accomplished by a groovy feeling and has a sample saying “Checkpoint” that reminds a video game because when the sample is over the track wins more power, exactly like when we are playing a video game, when we get ahead to the checkpoint we win more speed to get ahead the next one :)

Track 6 from Anax is perfect for morning time or to end a night set…it has some great melodies that remind us a bit from Israel music, nice bass line…I like more this “new style” that his album…

Winter Demon vs. Toxic gives us another track and like the first example (Solid Insanity released on New Blood by Timecode) it has definitely great dance floor power…the track has great psychedelic tunes and great kick bass line all with a lot of power…and some melodies…

Track 8 is a bit surprise to me, after listen to a 5 hour dj set of Fred on New Years Eve I never think about the possibility of see that this music was done by Neuromotor…this track has great morning and quiet melodies and sounds, I never knew this Neuromotor style…but it’s the best one for me :)

To finish the compilation, Beyond Logic chooses a track from Ground Zero called Beyond Logic…this track has some groovy feeling, quiet and open melodies, groovy bass line, I think it’s a good one to end the compilation…

Beyond Logic has start his musical career as a label in the right side, presenting us with an aggressive but at the same time melodic compilation of great 9 music’s…I have the assurance that this one is going to give you great moments at the dance floors in all world…8/10

Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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