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Mythos Productions 2004

Author: Juggler
Date: Jan 13, 2005
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Spliff Music - Mythos Productions 2004

Promotional Thread

Mythos productions 2004 is a compilation by Israeli Chemical Drive; Chemical Drive is Ronen Sahar (25) from Israel, Tel-Aviv.
Ronen has been writing and producing since late 2000. The cd contains 10 unreleased bombs, including tracks from: Beat Hackers and Michele Adamson, Lemurians, Atomic Pulse, B-Tone aka Safi connection, Reflex aka Echotek, blasting Swedish couple - Ibojima, 40% in great remix, Airona aka Chromosome, Liquid Phase and Chemical Drive.
The cd can be assigned also for the modern progressive crowd as well as to the psy full on dance floor.

Track list

1. Beat Hackers & Michele Adamson - Mental Weather
2. Lemurians - Dance Porter
3. Atomic Pulse - Reverse Side
4. Liquid Phase - Accepable
5. Ibojima - Apollo Project
6. B-Tone - Party
7. Safi Connection & Melicia - Warning You (40% Remix)
8. Chemical Drive - Experience
9. Reflex - Arrp Foot
10. Airona - Genetic Superstar


This time we go in the directions of Spliff Music, a label that are presenting us with many releases (many in quantity and in quality) :)

Track 1, from Beat Hackers, is another track like all the Beat Hackers musics, to similar one with another...I like his stuff but I\'m starting to get bored when I listen his sound because I have the sensation that it\'s very alike; apart from that, we can listen by two times the beautiful voice of Michele Adamson, nice melodies in the track too :)

Track 2, Dance Porter, is definitely a great morning track...it has a power kick and at 3m49s starts a sound that can be a horn that takes the track in a potent way; from here to the end we have melodies always with a power kick in back till the end.

I really like track 3; this track is similar to the other tracks of Atomic Pulse, but I really love his style...all the track has a groove on it, good effects and beautiful melodies, compulsorily for day time, great one :)

Liquid Phase presents us with a great track too, one of the greatest in this compilation for me :) it has superrrr groovy bass, nice hi-hats that give power to the track, deep psy melodies and a great percussion, all together do a great job.

Ibojima Apollo Project is another great track, very warm and summer night club, I think if I have to choose a place to listen it, it was Ibiza in August :) It has nice and quiet melodies, remember a bit of Astrix, nice percussion, a specie of woman\'s canticle that sounds really good, the only thing I don\'t like is the sound of (what I think it is) a piano, gives the track a little pop feeling.

The track from the side project of Mishel Bitton Safi Connection, B-Tone, takes us to a more psychedelic environment but in a progressive way...the track has some nice bass and kick and has some groovy and melodic tunes...I think I can\'t say much more...

The remix from 40 % of Warning You, original by Safi and Melicia, is the best track on this compilation! It gives that morning feelings of an open-air festival :) nice melodies with some pretty good psychedelic sounds, which makes you dream with open eyes :)

Chemical Drive - Experience it\'s another great great tune! It has an amazing morning power; it¡¦s a bit progressive, groovy and definitely one of those to bomb dance floors! To Ronen Sahar I have to give my congratulations by the great compilation and by the excellent self-music he puts on it :)

Reflex gives us a track with a powerful kick from start till end, a bit progressive, like the chemical track, it has a very long stop but when it comes again we know that it doesn\'t matter...powerful!!!

Last track is Airona\'s Genetic Superstar; I think this track is great to finish the compilation, it has a morning feeling on it, a voice saying \"don\'t stop¨ what in my opinion it\'s a good signal after we listen a compilation so good like this one :) we can hear too a deep French guitar that turns into a quiet guitar sound...

I\'m happy to see that Spliff music is going well, his releases till now was very greats and this one is no exception...Mythos Productions 2004 shows very styles in trance, all well chosen :)


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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