Groove Doesn't Come Easy (Etnicanet Records)

Author: Juggler
Date: Jan 11, 2005
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Species “Groove Doesn’t Come Easy”
Etnicanet Records

Promotional Thread

In perfect alignment with Etnicanet\'s effort to present up and coming talents from around the globe, yet in its own category for innovation and original style, we now present the debut album from Belgrade-based duo SPECIES (Aki & Eli).
Species present 9 unreleased dance floor surprises that encapsulate exquisitely dynamic constructions of sound and rhythm - elaborate and intricate, flowing with musical elegance and arrangements that reflect genuine contemporary electronic dance music know-how and mature control of their craft. As solid, coherent and unpredictable as psytrance has ever sounded, with some of the finest compositional metrics you will dance to in the parties to come.
The album is constellated with irresistibly intricate percussions that effortlessly shake the dance-floor to a frenzied blast continuum. Whether it is the sheer dance ability wrought by the razor-sharp rhythmic structures or the extrauricular atmospheric emanations - Aki and Eli deliver on all fronts.
Groove Don\'t Come Easy encapsulates Aki & Eli\'s impressive (already renowned) sound design and trademark aggressive momentum - enjoy the powerful sonic gadgetries and surprise leads.

Track list:

1 – Diesel
2 – Suspecies
3 – Full Off
4 – Blurry
5 – Wild Things
6 – Naughty We (No TV)
7 – On the List
8 – Speciefied
9 – The Scientists


From Yugoslavia, Species present us with their first album that like the rest of his releases comes with progressive-aggressive music especially for night hours!

Diesel starts the album with a break beat sound, like some kind of an introduction, but it’s a very quickly introduction because at 40s we can listen the bass kicking in; the kick of the track is groovy but a bit repetitive, after a while we can see the darkness come to the track (Species style) and some psy sounds appearing…I think it’s a good track to start the album and to start too a night Dj set :)

Suspecies (already released on Phase2 by Etnicanet) is a very groovy and creative track, I think it’s the more groovy and the more bright of the album, it have some kind of a melody that reminds me the music of the “Inspector Gadget” but this can be just my imagination :) However, it definitely rocks the dance floor.

Full Off is one of the funnier tracks I have heard in my life, it has some sounds that just make you laugh (in a good way of course) :) It has a groovy bass line and some kind of a woman voice that gives deep night feelings to the track but the rest of the sounds are completely different and all together make a very good funny track :)

Blurry is my predilection on this album, it has a very strong bass line and all the music is progressing and progressing to nowhere, but this nowhere is very bright and clear and we can see it at about 5m45s, is like the discover of the end of the rainbow :) It has a man’s voice saying something that ends like “a hell of a trip”, I think that is my final word for this music: a hell of a trip :)

Wild Things gives a more psychedelic direction to the album…it’s definitely a night track, with a lot of psychedelic sounds entering your ears…all the track is accomplished by a potent kick, it have too some man’s voice that stays very cool before the stop…at 3 m9s the music wins an accelerator that have the form of a great hi-hats, well done…and at 4m30s the potent kick transforms in a powerful kick that is simply amazing!

Naughty We (No TV) start again with another power and groovy kick drum; at 2m01s we stop thinking that it is a pacific music when come some psychedelic sounds that stays to the end of the music, making this track a night explosive :)

Track 7, On The List, has a very psychedelic hi-hats, from time to time appears a deep sound with 1s approximately that gives suspense to the track…has too a sound that is like when anyone knock in the door of your room, every time I listen this track I feel this :)

Speciefied has a nice start, but after a while it becomes a bit boring, it seems very similar to other Species tracks, we keep with the sensation “Where did I listen that one?”; apart from this it has an ensemble of hi-hats with a groovy kick bass that together transmit a sensation of velocity on the track…

The last track, called The Scientists, is for me the more enveloping track on this album, starting on the kick and finishing on the gothic voices that we can hear from time to time, driving the music to the dark side…a night hit!

I think that we have here a great album, a bit too similar, but all very aggressive and good for night hours…all tracks have powerful and groovy bass lines, great samples, I think all have 142 bpm (in my opinion good for this kind of sound) and all with a great production :)


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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