Back to Mars

Author: Back to Mars
Date: Dec 29, 2008
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Brazilian DJ settled in The Netherlands, playing Fast & Twisted Full On to Progressive Psytrance

Born in Brazil, Back to Mars started mixing in the underground parties of Amsterdam in 2001. Her main style is Psytrance, ranging from Fast & Twisted Full On to Progressive, which mostly she will combine according to her feeling and public interaction. With a passion for experimentation, she can also play other styles such as Electro, Deep House and Minimal, if that suits the atmosphere and the style of the party. Her mixing is intelligent and uplifting, as she likes to surprise and inspire the crowd with her unorthodox style. Her belief and goal is that regardless of style, people will recognize good music when they hear it, and they will be moved by it, in their body, mind and soul!

Currently creating her space internationally, she had the honor of playing the first DJ set of the Main Floor at the Boom Festival 2008, following the inspiring performance of Star Sounds Orchestra. The energy was very high and she took the public up on a crescendo, where many styles of Psychedelic Trance were explored, creating a bridge between the opening act and the full-on music of the following set. Her “music was really groovy and sticking people to the ground physically and mentally...” as written in Isratrance, is a good way to describe the magic of her set at the Boom!

Back to Mars performed to date in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden, and some performances to highlight are: Main Floor of the Boom Festival Portugal; Universo Paralello Brazil; Existence New Year's Festival Spain; Ground Zero Festival Holland; Q-Base Festival Germany; Solstice Festival Italy; Looney Tunes Italy; GanjaTree Belgium; Full Moon Festival - transition from chill to after-party Germany; Planet Waldfrieden Germany; Das Mantron's Visions of Nexus Germany; Immrama Austria; Interzone P.A Germany; Tranceport Hungary; Dancing Shiva Austria.

Back to Mars also wrote the article about The Netherlands (Holland) for The Trancer's Guide to the Galaxy 2008, which was a last minute arrangement that ensured the participation of The Netherlands in the guide. This article is available online in PDF format:

She has also been producing music in her free time and from November 2008 she is studying music production at the SAE in Amsterdam, to improve her quality and music writing skills. Some of her tracks "Sambame New", "Possibilities", “A Study in Dark Acid House” and her remix of SNK’s “Such Terrible Beauty” are already available to listen online at

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